Meadow green


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Amazingly fun and unique find from the 1960s revealing the kind of imaginative, playful, and yet teachable literature that 3rd graders were expected to be able to read and enjoy. Includes poetry, stories, lessons, and notions with culture, history, and perspectives built in to the structure.

No matter what we think of modern kids, this book is still infinitely relatable to 3rd graders. It’s broken up into sections called Grins and Grumbles, Out of Doors, Once LOng Ago, Here and There, Sea and Sky, Topsy-Turvy Tales, and The Black Sombrero.

Littered with an embarrassing richness of illustrations for one small volume and cultural diversity — those were the days!

The book is great for supplemental reading, homeschooling, or to plumb for its illustrations and to repurpose them for other projects.

See third picture with artist credits. These 10 photos barely scratch the surface of the illustrations available.

Hardcover, D.C. Heath and Company, Boston, 1964. Rare.
9.5″ x 7″ x 1″
Pages: 288


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