Cottage Inspired little girls room

When I started designing Millie’s room in my head, I couldn’t stop drooling and day dreaming about putting up something pretty and dainty. I knew I wanted a wallpaper with bead board, nothing too crazy but definitely super cozy and Sandberg has always been a big inspiration of mine. They literally have hundreds of beautiful wallpaper to choose from so it took a few weeks to narrow it down but it only seemed right that I picked a pretty green floral pattern, and I am still obsessed with the print months later. Best. Decision. Ever.

I pretty much based all her furniture in her room off this wallpaper and luckily I was able to score her wooden bed for only $20 at a local consignment store. Here’s a huge interior hack, always check your local thrift or Facebook marketplace before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new furniture piece, sometimes you’ll find great furniture that may need a little TLC, but you will save so much money. I also found this mirror for $20 and it fits perfectly with her room.

I kept everything else pretty simple and once her bead board was set up, I painted over it, to give it a semi gloss finish to help keeping it clean and easy to maintain. I also, really loved the fact that the rug we picked for her room has hints of blue and pink, which is just dreamy in itself. I don’t know, growing up as a little girl, I have always read books about cozy rooms, and wish I had something like it growing up. My job was to help her feel safe and warm while she transitioned to sharing a room with her brothers, to her own little cozy sanctuary. Regardless of where we move to next, this was by far one of my most favorite projects. Watching my vision come to life is the best feeling in the world.

I’ll be linking all items here:

Wallpaper- Emilie Garden

Bead board- Home Depot

Lace Floral Curtain- Amazon

Rug- Loloi Rugs

November 18, 2020