DIY shiplap wall

Hey guys! So many of you have requested I write a quick how-to on the textured walls in the dining room, and I’m here to tell you, it was super easy! Even though my husband did most the work, and I just sat back and helped with direction, the process itself only took a few hours and thats including the paint drying lol

Initially, I knew I wanted to do some type of beadboard all around the dining area, but then couldn’t find an exact board type for that, so we just stuck with typical shiplap boards, but placed them vertical instead of the popular horizontal shiplap. These shiplap boards we purchased from home depot can be found, here. (disclaimer: these boards are super matte, and pick up any marks or dirt, So I highly recommend you paint these boards for high traffic areas.)

We purchased the 12ft boards, but then Joe cut them in half to make them 5ft tall! So overall, we only bought 9 boards all together which in total came out to $140. We also purchased 3-Penny Vinyl-Coated Steel Paneling Nails to secure the boards in. Thankfully, the shiplap boards were super easy to connect together, and didn’t need much effort either then securing the boards. We put two nails on each board, one on top and one on bottom. It would probably be easier with a nail gun, but we just used a regualr hammer.

We also decided we wanted a little “Skinny shelf” on top, so added. two skinny 6 ft wooden board to sit onto the shiplap. drilling screws into studs so they could handle heavy items.

So, a lot of the DIY bloggers recommended we remove the trim and place the boards completely to the ground, but because we plan to redo our entire flooring in the next few months, we didn’t want to invest in more trim. So when we do the flooring initially, we will be adding thick trim to the bottom of the boards to add a little bit of character. \

As far as paint color goes, I knew I wanted something a little bit cozy, so yes, I went with a type of warm green 😉 I will add the color here for you if you are wanting a similar color. I bought 1qt and used it all, giving each shiplap about 2 coats of color. We also primed the boards before for extra protection on sticky hands. lol

So, yeah! I hope this was helpful to those who are wanting to do this to their home. lol We are still very new to the “renovation” game, so we apologize in advance if this isn’t done “professionally”. We absolutely love our imperfectly perfect wall. Can’t wait to do this to the rest of our home 😉