Another year, another Back to school mini photoshoot before school. Just the other day I was looking at E’s first kindergarten photos and wow! He has grown so so much since then. I just love watching them each grow into their very own person and to be honest, my heart can’t handle all these changes so quickly ?.

But this year we are starting a brand new school with new friends and it’s a bit intimidating coming from two soft introverts. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt that they will make friends. Just coming from the introvert in myself, I know the transition will be a bit rough at first. We are so thankful for Kinder Joy eggs and the sweet treat it brings to our family.

Seriously, we have been sitting outside after school and talking about our days while snacking on these and I know my kids will grow up one day and say “these were the best moments.”

Make sure you grab your kids there very own Kinder Joy egg at your local grocery stores. Xx

August 1, 2019