& now hes eight!

*Thank you Tuesday Morning for sponsoring this post. as always, all opinions are 100% my own.*

You guys! Tomorrow I will wake up to have an 8-year-old!!! Eight. Years. Old!!! Can you believe it? 8 years ago at this moment, I was anticipating for the first time ever what labor would feel like, what he would look like and if I was genuinely ready to give myself to another human being. I, Clarissa Esquivel, only 18 years old, was about to become a mom.

He was absolutely the most precious baby boy with a full set of hair and the poutiest of lips, and I never thought my heart and soul could love another human being so much. Till this day he reminds me how to live selflessly, and he always offers a helping hand. He’s loud and he’s bossy and he’s just a cool cat all around. So lucky to be raising such a handsome boy.

We weren’t planning on throwing anything for Ethan’s birthday because he really wants us to take him and his cousins to the water park tomorrow, but in true Clarissa form, I decided to plan something super last minute. I decided to make a stop to Tuesday Morning yesterday where I found all this cute stuff to put together this little “sweet” station for his little bday dinner we are hosting tonight!

I was able to find all this party supplies, home decor, serving dishes, and super sweet treats (except the donuts and cake obviously) at Tuesday Morning. A one-stop shop which made last-minute planning so much easier. They also had the best deals on party supplies and almost all of their decor was 30% off! What. A. Steal!

If you’re like me, party planning can be a huge pain in the rear, but knowing you can shop for everything in one place is almost like you can have your cake and eat it too. Haha!

Make sure to stop by your local Tuesday Morning store to shop their huge collection of party supplies and craft aisle! There were so many fun things I wanted to get but had to contain myself to only a few things. Haha

August 16, 2019