Rolley polley

Wow! Can you believe I haven’t touched my blog in over two months? I literally have no idea where this year is going because I’m really trying to play catch up with it all. I’ve honestly just been at a lost and a little unmotivated on where to take this blog, especially since most of my days I document over on Instagram. So I’m left with the what the heck do I talk about now?

but today I feel like as I have something that’s a little blog worthy, baby rolls. Well baby rolls, baby toes, you name it. Zeke is a little over 5 months (what the heck… I know.) and I just can’t stop obsessing over his chunky and rolley polley his little body is. Hiiii chunkers! No seriously guys, is it weird to say I’ve always wanted a chunky baby and have always been blessed with small petite little ones, instead? So yeah, I’m just going to soak this all in and apologize to you later.

Also, couldn’t help but capture Xander’s tiny feet and hands while napping today. So, you’re welcome!

January 10, 2019
April 2, 2019