Our grey couch

*Thank you American Furniture Warehouse for partnering up with us on this post.*

It’s been a long time coming and as much as I’d hate to admit it, I actually really love the sectional we picked from American Furniture Warehouse!

Here’s a little backstory for ya- when we first moved in here we had a rundown brown sectional that we bought off craigslist for $100. We first bought it when were 18 and moving out on our own. By then, my style wasn’t really developed, and my living room was really bland. So when I partnered with American Furniture Warehouse back in 2016, I was really thankful for the opportunity to open up my home to fit exactly what I was visioning at that point.

When we got rid of our sectional, I swore I would never do a sectional for our main living room ever again, because I felt that it always looked too messy and never “welcoming.” Gosh I know, Looking back I feel so silly thinking if maybe we bought a living room set with a love seat and sofa my house would look less lived in. Insert laughing and pointing finger emoji here.

So after all those disagreements with Joe on getting a sectional, turns out he was right all along. We needed a sectional, a place where it felt warm and welcoming to our family, to us, the people who spend countless hours watching Netflix on the weekends. 😉

It’s amazing that American Furniture Warehouse has the most amazing and comfortable pieces, and yet they are absolutely so affordable. You can walk in there on a budget, and come out with everything you need because the pricing and options are endless. It’s like American Furniture knows what you want. You can walk in their stores and feel overwhelmed, but as soon as you start browsing, you realize they know your style, they know what is missing in your life (not exaggerating either). The way their store is set up is like there’s 100 mini living rooms and bedrooms displayed. For each taste and household genre per se. It’s really great, their furniture and household items are all just great. Options for every style! If you’re local in AZ, you need to check them out. Click here to see their locations.

This sectional is no longer available, but here are a few that are similar, click here!

December 20, 2018
March 28, 2019