Into our pumping journey

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We are two months Into our breastfeeding journey with Zeke, and he has been doing so great! Breastfeeding the other kids was easy as well, but this little man takes the champ on the most feedings in one day, haha!

I’m not sure if you remember my rant about how Joe accidentally threw away my brand new breast pump while cleaning out the garage and we didn’t even notice it until I was already going into my  38 week pregnant with Zeke (literally five days before he was born). It was a major bummer, especially since we bought the breast pump two years ago before Xander was born, and I never used it with him.

I knew for sure I wanted to feed Zeke with a bottle every once in a while  because I wanted him to get used to it just in case we ever wanted to leave him somewhere for more than only a few hours. So investing in a new breastpump was obviously not a choice, I just knew I needed to do it. I’m excited to put my new Lansinoh smartpump double electric pump in to good use and start storing milk again. My favorite part about my new breast pump is that you can track your pumping times and how many OZ you pumped all in an app!

Right now if you purchase the Lansinoh pump through Aeroflow breastpumps service, you can get $10 off your breastpump bag! You can also click here to see if your insurance qualifies to help purchase your new breast pump.

With everyone’s breastfeeding journey being so different, I feel like a having a breast pump on hand is necessary. Especially for those unexpected moments when you don’t have a choice but the bottle feed, having a pump you can rely on, comes in handy. Which breast pump do you use? Do you like it?

December 9, 2018
December 20, 2018