Postpartum products I use!

I cannot believe that I am already almost one month postpartum! Like how is it even possible for time to go by so dang fast? I guess it’s been spent snuggling our sweet little boy and trying to rest as much as possible to help my body recover on its own. If you’ve read my birth story, you know this recovery has been the hardest yet. Nonetheless it’s been so damn worth it. I can’t even explain to you guys how full my heart has been these last few weeks. Just thinking about my life makes me so emotional. How did I get so blessed with so much love? I can do this moment over and over again. Yes, I’m talking about all this newborn goodness. Give me alllll the babies.

I really wanted to share with you guys all the things I have been using that has helped my recover by a mile! I know there are 101 products out there and you can always do your research. But, these products are the ones i’m currently using all the time; if not daily. Some of these items I used to recover with all four of my babies, and some of them I wish I discovered sooner. If you end up purchasing/using these items, let me know. I’d love to hear about your recovery process!

Fridet by FridaBaby

This Fridet Postpartum peri bottle AKA the mom washer, was a huge life savor! The tip curves to help us postpartum moms. No kidding when they say your vagina will literally thank you. Best $14.99 I ever spent. The bottle is soft so it’s easy to squeeze, FYI. 

Organic Cotton Nursing Pads

Attention all nursing moms, this is a MUST have! $5 for these organic washable nursing pads. They will save you tons of money and are 100% Organic cotton. perfect for the environment and your wallet. Plus, they are seriously so easy to wash and reuse.

Bravado Design nursing tanks

The best nursing tank I ever invested in! I bought this tank in white and black when Xander was born back in 2016, Here I am 2 years later and I have honestly wore them every single day since. I use them as undershirts and now that the baby is here again, I basically just wear the tank itself around the house because, hello cluster feeding! lol

UpSpring® Milkflow® Breastfeeding Supplement Capsules 

When Xander was a month old, I remember my milk supply dropping. So I invested money into these capsules in desperation for my milk to pick back up, and to my surprise, only a few days later and my milk was overflowing. I definitely purchased these again just in case my milk decides to act funky again.

UpSpring Shrinkx Belly Band in Black

Last but certainly not least, this belly band that helps keep all the squish together. No but seriously, it’s so hard to love your body after having a baby. I have felt so insecure about all the extra squish and pounds that have been left behind and as much as I tell myself that It’s all apart of the healing process, I find comfort in knowing that this belly band will help this process speed up a little bit lol.

October 25, 2018
November 14, 2018