Halloween Costumes 2018

*thank you JCPenney for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*


Have you ever seen cuter lions? I know I haven’t. I’m obsessed with Xander and Zeke’s costume this year. We purchased them over at JCPenney, and it’s pretty much been the best decision ever. I’ve always been the last minute type of mom that normally scrambles to the store the day before Halloween and tries to find whatever costumes are left on the shelf, and it being 7 days until Halloween, I feel like I completely knocked it out of the park picking up the kids costumes this year, especially because they are on sale! Say what?!?

I’m still very much trying to convince Xander that the lion hat is what makes his costume, but he is still very entitled to not wearing it, because being two, he has that type of authority. Haha. I guess I really do need to pick and choose my battles. This also won’t stop me from putting it on him while he’s asleep. 😉 Oh, those sweet perks of naptime.

Also, can we talk about how Millie and Ethan both refuse to ever dress up as a family. They make it seem like it’s not cool to all dress up as superheroes or something. But I also think it’s fun that they like their own things, like this year, Millie is going to be Vamparina. Ever since our Disney trip last month and her meeting Vamparina, she has been vampire obsessed and Ethan wanted to be black panther. I’m just glad Xander’s too young to pick out what he wants to be, so I was able to get him an adorable furry costume that I will probably save until he’s 55! for now, I will cherish my two littles in their adorable furry lion costumes.


Seriously thankful for living near a JCPenney where they carry a wide range of product for home (décor) and the family (costumes) at great value. It’s even easier if you shop online where free shipping is available but they also have all these goods in-store! Make sure to snag any last minute items you need before next Wednesday over at JCPenney! Click here to shop. #AllAtJCP

October 24, 2018
October 30, 2018