Ezekiel’s birth story

I figured I would upload some photos of the morning our little Zeke was born, while he is asleep and the kids are all finally calm after a crazy busy day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this moment. It Honestly happened so fast, and it was just all so exciting and overwhelming and just perfect in every way.

On the night of October 1st, 2018 at approximately 10:25 pm, I woke up to a slight feeling of “oh shit! I think I just peed the bed.” & by the time I got up and ran to the bathroom I basically felt like I couldn’t control my bladder and at that point, I just knew. My water broke.

I remember screaming out for joe, who just had fallen asleep. And when he ran to the bathroom, his first reaction was “are you sure you’re not peeing yourself?” All while I was crouching over the sink holding a towel in between my legs because I just couldn’t control the leakage. Haha, as if I couldn’t tell the difference.

I think at that point; I was in such disbelief because never in a million years would I of thought that would be my first sign of labor with any of my babies. I’ve always had to have my water broken by the drs, so I figured it would be the same with this little babe. Not to mention guys, I was only 38 weeks five days, I had a feeling he was coming early, but I kept telling myself that he was going to be late and that I would have to get induced. I totally siked myself on that one I guess lol because he actually came early.

By the time I was able to grasp the concept that this was happening and that we had about a 1hr drive to the hospital, I immediately called my mom to let her know. It was time. Being a school night for the two older kids, it was already so late, and they were in a deep sleep. So of course, my mom and sister both rushed over to watch the babies while Joe and I headed to the hospital. At this point, I didn’t feel one contraction, and I honestly was freaking out the whole way thinking to myself “oh gosh! Please don’t let me be that mom that ends up birthing a baby in the car, on the way to the hospital.” Haha

When we got to the hospital, and the nurse called me back, it was a few minutes till midnight, and at that point, my contractions were inconsistent but starting to become intense. Not to mention, the uncontrollable water that just wouldn’t. Stop. Leaking. It felt so weird.

After about an hour of questions and testing, Joe finally joined me in the room, and at that point, my contractions were way intense, and I couldn’t breathe through them. We were still waiting to get admitted to an L&D room, And I was just really uncomfortable. Joe and I pretty much laughed the whole time being in disbelief that this was actually happening and FAST. He couldn’t help but laugh at me during every contraction. Apparently, the “faces” I was making were too funny to him. Whatever. Lol, go figure men don’t understand the pain we go through to have a child.

Finally, around 2:30 am We were walking to our L&D room, and at that point, there was no more laughing. I was in sheer pain, and couldn’t handle it. I remember the nurse helping me breath through every contraction. As if it were my first baby, it was so intense. I opted for an epidural RIGHT AWAY. Luckily the anesthesiologist was already waiting for me in the room by the time I got there.

The pain was so intense, and my contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart by the time I was sitting in the hospital bed preparing to get that huge epidural needle in my back. At that point, any pain relief was better than none. HERES WHERE MY LABOR STARTED TO BECOME TRAUMATIC. While the nurse was helping me arch my back well enough for the anesthesiologists to put the epidural in, my contractions were so intense, and I literally couldn’t move one inch. I couldn’t tense. I couldn’t breathe. The most painful 20 minutes of my life. Her words were “oh he is great. He’s going to get the epidural in within 5 minutes, and you’ll feel instant relief.

Just my luck, he couldn’t get the epidural to stay in place and had to put the needle in my back three times!!! I could feel gushes of blood dripping from my back, and the pain was just so horrible. I cringe just thinking about it. If you’ve had an epidural before, you understand that getting poked three times by that needle ALL WHILE CONTRACTING, was seriously the worst.

Finally, I was able to breathe and relax by 3 am, and I was just so exhausted. My sister met us at that time in my delivery room, and when the nurse checked me to see if I was dilated, she says “oh you’re still 2cm dilated and really high. You’ll be here all night. Get some rest.” I was so relieved because I really wanted my mom there during the delivery and knowing she had the babies, I felt good to sleep for a few hours and that she would be at the hospital first thing in the AM.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later, when I barely shut my eyes to fall asleep, my contractions were once again becoming so intense. So I rang my nurse asking her if she could make my epidural stronger haha (I’m a baby when it comes to pain and literally didn’t want to feel anything). Her first reaction was “wait. Let me recheck you. Why are you feeling pain?”

When she rechecked me, she gave me a look so surprised, and the first thing she says was “you’re not going to believe this. You’re at 8cm. You’re going to have this baby in the next few hours!” Kind of freaking out, kinda excited to finally meet my baby boy, I felt so nervous that it was all just happening so so fast. Before my nurse could even leave the room, I told her “I’m not trying to scare you, but I think I have to push.” Hahaha. At that point, she rushed out to call my dr, and all of these nurses rushed to my room to prepare to have a baby. Yay! It was almost baby time!

It was around 3:50 am, and I was already pushing, not even a few pushes and 4 minutes later our little Ezekiel Cruz Esquivel made his way into the world. Weighing in at just 7lbs 3oz. Our smallest baby. He came out so purple but crying his little heart out. Drs weren’t concerned that the cored was wrapped around his neck, because he was responding so well and crying. He was the least of their concerns. While I was in awe over our new little babe, I hardly was paying any attention to me and what was happening to me.

Apparently, when the doctor was trying to deliver my placenta, half of it got stuck on my uterine wall. In her exact words was “in all my years of delivering, this is the first time this has happened to me.” I wasn’t at all concerned at that moment. Until I heard a nurse whisper to the doctor “do you need me to get ahold of dr. (I forgot the name she said) To come help you. I’ll never forget the look on her face. She looked scared. Which scared me.

“Is everything ok?” Was the first thing that came out of my mouth, and after the dr explained to me that I was loosing “a good amount” of blood and that she needed to remove the rest of my placenta “right away” I then knew. Oh man, that can’t be good. After about 10 minutes (or from what I can remember) of her scraping me with tools and saying “everything looks good, I think I got it all.” They ended up giving me some sort of shot on my leg to stop the bleeding and after a bit more whispering between the nurses. They started cleaning up, and by 4:30 am we were left alone in the room to get some rest finally.

Being so much in love, I couldn’t stop holding, kissing, and just loving on our little guy. There was no way I was sleeping. Lol

Recovery during the hospital stay was pretty much the same as usual, all of Zeke’s testings came back great. And the kids got to meet their baby brother. We were all pretty much in heaven. Until about 35 hours into my stay. Just when I thought I was going to get to go home to recover. My doctor gave me the news that I was going to need a blood transfusion because my levels were alarmingly low. The thought of a blood transfusion really scared me, so I opted out of it and asked to get a bag of iron pumped into my IV. So I had to stay another day to see if my levels increased and just to find out They only went up a hairline. The doctors still recommended I should stay another night to get a blood transfusion. Selfishly, I opted out again. I wanted to go home so bad to be with my other babies. And I felt like, “I feel fine. I’ll be fine.”

They hesitated to send me home but gave me an iron prescription and a follow-up date for two weeks with my dr. Fast forward to 9days postpartum (3 days ago); I woke up to horrible, horrible cramping in my pelvic area. I remember waking up and feeling so sorry I had to get in the shower. At that point my bleeding got so heavy, I was quickly going through 2-3 pads within that hour. I thought “maybe I did too much yesterday.” Well not even 2 hours later, my bleeding got so heavy, and I was passing massive clots- almost bigger than my hand. I knew something wasn’t normal; I just couldn’t put two and two together. So at that point, I called Joe (who was out running errands) in tears, telling him he needed to get home ASAP and take me to the hospital. I really started scaring myself, and I still felt so guilty. I couldn’t help but think “what if they admit me and I won’t be able to keep the baby. Who will feed him? How will Joe do with a newborn without me?” So many thoughts were in my mind, and of course, the last concern was my own health. I knew I wasn’t healthy. I knew something was wrong. And at that point I knew I needed to put myself first, to get better, so I could be myself again.

Long story short, because my placenta didn’t come out right, I was left with pieces on my uterine wall, which caused a small hemorrhage. Thankfully, they were able to get all the extra tissue out, and they were able to give me another shot to stop the bleeding. But now that I’m still only 12 days postpartum, I was told to stay off my feet until the bleeding has completely stopped. So for the next five weeks or so, I’ll need to learn to lean on joe a little more and take a helping hand when offered. It feels weird being so non-mobile, but Ezekiel was so worth it. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has been the perfect piece to our family, and we are all just so obsessed with him.

I sincerely couldn’t thank you guys enough for being so kind and lending out a helping hand when we need it the most. I love you all. Xo here are a few photos from our hospital stay.

October 16, 2018



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    October 15, 2018

    Thanks for sharing! So glad to hear you are okay – that must have been so scary with the placenta issue and postpartum bleeding. You just don’t think of those things happening!

    I also delivered our second baby girl at 38 weeks at Banner Thunderbird on sept 16th – definitely thought I was going to 40 weeks to be induced too 😉 We are moving from Goodyear to Surprise in a few weeks and just wanted to say I have been enjoying following you on Instagram. You are an inspiration to me ❤️

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    Paige Rodriguez

    October 15, 2018

    Ooof, what a ride ? I am so glad you are okay. I had a similar experience with my son almost 4 years ago. They didn’t need to go back in thankfully to get any placenta but after delivering my son, my contractions stopped and I wasn’t delivering it at all, already bleeding too much and so they had to manually pull it out. I hemorraghed after that— I’ll spare the details but I understand that fear of leaving a husband with a newborn behind and that feeling of recovery going slow, the dizziness after just using the bathroom to wash up at home and not realizing at first that doing even the bare minimum is too much when our bodies go through that… by week 2 my husband was still shaving my legs for me and helping to hold me up in the shower. Sending love and healing prayers to you, mama. Gaia Herbs Liquid Iron or Floradix is a supplement that helped me tremendously when the iron pills caused me discomfort, I felt a difference fast, it was easily absorbed and honestly wish I continued to take it for months because it took a while for me rebuild that blood back…I’ve already stocked up for this pregnancy just in case. The worst is over now, so glad you are okay and recovering—enjoy those sweet, healing snuggles with your babies! ??✨ Xo

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    October 15, 2018

    Thank you for sharing! So glad that you are doing better now. What an intense birth and recovery story. I only have 2 little ones for the moment but it is crazy how different their birth stories were, except they both waited until 41 weeks to be born. These photos are so beautiful. Happy newborn cuddles!

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    October 16, 2018

    Whoa mama! I can’t even imagine what that fear must have felt like, but thank goodness you are both doing better. He is beyond precious! Praying for a speedy recovery.❤️