Back to school items you need to add to your list!

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The other day Millie and E received a package from BabbleBoxx that had a ton of back to school goodies waiting for them. I think Millie, my mini artist, was the most excited about the Blot mini gel pens and mini highlighters that came in the mail. She’s already used almost every single color, and is already obsessing over the ombré pastel gel pens!

We went ahead and got her a huge pencil box to store all of her new Blot collection that will also carry their Signature Mechanical Pencils with Lead Refill and Eraser and Signature Retractable Ballpoint Pens so that it could last her all year round. I honestly don’t think you can ever have enough writing utensils for throughout the year. Especially ones that come in so many different colors and sizes.

They also received a few new snacks for their lunches from Sprout Foods; Their curlz cheese puffs have been in their packed lunch every day thus far, and as far as their crispy chews, Xander hasn’t given them a chance to try it, because those have become his go-to choice of a snack every day as well, haha.

Ethan, on the other hand, received a really cute outfit from OshKosh B’gosh, and insisted on wearing it the first week of school, although I really wanted to let him, I didn’t. Since the temps have been way above 100’s, I think it’s best we keep this really adorable long sleeve with bright neon orange stripes and khaki pants put away until fall. That didn’t stop us from having him from having fun trying this outfit on. How cute is it when kids get excited about new clothes?

I remember back to school clothes shopping was always my favorite! I remember always wanting to pick out my clothes with flashy colors, and if I’m honest, I had no sense of style back then. I love how OshKosh offers a variety of clothing that you can mix and match and create your own style, which helps Ethan pick what he’s comfortable with wearing, and also shows a bit of his personality as well. Let’s not forget about the seriously adorable OshKosh B’gosh backpack that was in the BabbleBoxx as well. So many different colors and patterns, it makes going back to school so much better!

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As you can see in the photo, Ethan has no choice but to put hair products in his hair. Haha. It’s so poofy and crazy when it’s not styled, so we were thankful when we received Snip-its, Kid hair products. We got Mousse Styling Spray, and Wacky Wax Medium Hold Pomade, which both are used on Ethan daily to help tame his crazy hair. We have used it every day so far; he comes home from school with his hair still styled the same. It’s not as harsh as adult styling products, and it smells incredible. Something like that, you don’t come by very often!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who can buy brand new scissors and not use them because of the way they sit with your hands or the way they cut? I swear I’m not that crazy, it really is a thing! Lol, Joe is amazed by the number of scissors we have gone through since last year, and I’ll tell you what. I’m amazed that I found a pair that I love. I’m not kidding, Westcott’s brand of scissors are such high-quality scissors, and their soft grip is helping Miss Mills learn to cut so much better. Her school provided her with her very own scissors, but she was complaining about her hands hurting while she was trying to cut at a certain angle, so finding a scissor with a Lightweight and soft grip handle design has been perfect to start her off.

Have you heard of Zenni Optical Sunglasses? Well, These glasses came in our BabbleBoxx, and I must say, these UV + Blue Blockers that protect your child’s eyes from any harmful light, and are pure genius. I mean, come on, How often do your kids have screen time? If they are anything like mine, they live for screen time, and these non-prescription glasses help protect their sensitive eyes! I couldn’t recommend these more to any parent with children.

So many cool backs to school recommendations that came in our BabbleBoxx this season. I have found some fantastic brands, and we were able to stock up on all our back to school essentials as well. What are some of your every day back to school items you use?

August 7, 2018