First day of school 2018

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Today is a big day for our family. It’s a start of a brand new season really. A season where reality hits on how big your children really are getting & a quiet sigh of relief knowing that summer is officially almost over. Millie is starting kindergarten today, and we are sending our big boy to the first grade. It seems as if we have been planning this day, this new season, for months. But I still never felt it would physically be here, ya know? Today is the day.

Millie has been my go-to girl, my sidekick for the last five years. I’ve had her home for five years, and to know that she is now this independent girl, who can’t wait to start this new journey, gives me way too many emotions to contain. But really, I’ve tried to convince her to be homeschooled just a few more years haha.

I can’t say the same for Ethan, he has strived so much in a classroom setting, he has learned and grown as a person at his school, and just seeing the growth in him makes me seriously so excited to see what’s to come this school year.

Two kids, with two huge personality differences. That’s why I’m excited I was able to partner up with one of our favorite kid clothing brand, OshKosh B’gosh for their #BeYourself campaign. We were able to shop back to school with the kids, and they were both able to pick out the outfits that fit them perfectly.

(you can purchase millies Romper here and her shoes, here. Ethans shirt here and his shorts here  .)

For Ethan, it’s simple. High tops and jean shorts. He can’t stand the thought of pants, even during winter. but the fact that he likes to keep his style simple, yet cool, so he doesn’t stand out too far from the crowd is what makes his first-day outfit perfect for him. As for Millie, she chose a seriously cute jean romper, with pink velvet (as she would call it, fuzzy) sneakers. Anything with fuzz or dog printed things, and she’s all for it. We made sure to grab a few pair of their jeans, because they carry the best style and fit, and they are the comfiest jeans ever. It’s the little things and seeing their personalities come to life in the outfits they choose for school that make me so happy to be there mama.

I think taking first-day photos are so fun, especially looking back through the years and seeing how much they have grown and their personalities have grown as well. It’s going to be something I look forward too until the day they head off to college. 😉

OshKosh is hosting a Back to School Sweepstakes for those of you who share your first day of school outfits with them over on Social media. The sweepstakes lands on 8/22-9/5, which gives you plenty of time to still do some last minute back to school shopping. You can enter by tagging your photo with #firstdaysweepstakes to win school supplies for your school/classrooms. They will have 1 grand prize winner ($10K in school supplies and $500 OKB gift card) and 10 runner up prize winners ($1K in school supplies and $100 OKB gift card). How awesome is that?

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