Online shopping

(Millie trying on my robe that came in the mail today. She says it’s so comfy she wants to sleep with it every night. Haha)

My dinner I made because I had nothing left in the fridge to feed my family 🙂

(Xander walking around in Millies new school shoes because he loves shoes).

As I sit in bed trying to put Xander to sleep, I can’t help but laugh seeing from the corner of my eye, his little body trying so hard to sneak out of bed. ? he is not tired. But, with the new baby coming & the kids starting school on Monday, I NEED him to be on a schedule. A sleep schedule. Like, no more 9pm bed times and 5 am wake up calls. Because, hello! He’s not even two and he’s more spoiled than the other kids were at his age.

Getting back to today, I’m actually pretty bummed with how today went. I wasn’t at all motivated to do anything, and I spent waaay too much time on my phone looking at secondhand clothing for the baby in my belly. I’m not kidding you guys, my online shopping habit has been so so bad lately. I bought 6 baby bonnets today. S I X. That doesn’t even include the other 15 I have in the babies bonnet basket in his room already. I’m not going to lie when I tell you my heart races every time I hit the “process order” button. And I think that’s mainly because I can already hear Joe in the back of my head, telling me to stop spending so much money. Lol

This new baby already has so much clothes and literally not enough storage. It’s just a habit I can’t seem to break, and my poor hard working husband is paying for it, literally. Anyways, if it’s one thing I’d suggest for those “I have no self control”, type people. Cough, cough, me. Stay away from all those resale shops on Instagram. They are dangerous and they make it too easy to purchase haha.

But seriously, I can’t wait to show you guys all the fall goodies I bought for our little guy. I’m just hoping to get it all here soon, because I feel like I’m way behind on organizing his newborn clothes and hospital stuff. I’m only 30 weeks, but I feel like my days go within a blink of an eye.

Today especially. Can you believe this whole week I procrastinated on grocery shopping, so this morning I thought I would spend a few extra minutes at the breakfast table ordering groceries for pick up. Well, I thought it would be genius to kill two birds with one stone and order the kids back to school supplies for tomorrow’s meet the teacher night, and so I decided to order through Walmart. Thought it might be cheaper.

Well, that was a big mistake. Got there at 11am, when my order was supposed to be ready. To finally get someone come out at 11:21am JUST to tell me that my order wouldn’t be ready for another 20-30 minutes. What. The. Heck. normally I’m a patient person, and I would’ve waited and got out of the car to occupy the kids. But Xander was sleeping, and Ethan was already complaining about how hungry he was. So I canceled my order and went home. Never ordering Walmart pick up again. It’s all about Frys food, lol.

So, with an empty pantry and literally no meat in the freezer, I decided to mix a few things that I found left in my fridge for dinner. Sausage. Bell peppers. And penne pasta. To my surprise, it turned out really good! Felt a win there that’s for sure. ?

I think I’ve rambled long enough, because Xander is finally asleep. So before I go, I want to let you all know, tomorrow is Ethan’s 7th birthday. My sweet first born is turning seven. I can’t handle this. But, I’m going to stay up late tonight and after he falls asleep, I’m going to bake him a funfetti cake per his request, make him a card, and put up some balloons. I’m just full of emotions. Goodnight.



August 1, 2018
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