Jamba juice and oreos

Today July 31st, 2018 was a good day. I mean, I didn’t do much besides be present in every moment. This is something new to me. Most of my days my mind is always running, and I’m finding myself more overwhelmed with my daily tasks which leads to an extra impatient & unhappy mama and one who merely isn’t present when she should be.

I guess I was focusing on all the wrong things, and I’ve been feeling all the emotions for quite a while. I think being present in the social media world, and focusing on my image here hasn’t really been good for my health. the community I have grown to love, and that has motivated me in so many ways, is also the one that holds me back on being the best version I could be of myself. Sounds odd, right?

I think my focus has shifted a lot over the last few months, and finding myself at peace of not growing this little corner of mine (mywifestyles blog), but simply being content with where I’m at, and with the people who follow along. I love the sweet and kind messages I have received from those who find inspiration in my work. I mean, after all, I post every day to help boost my confidence and pep talk myself, because I know how it feels to feel like sometimes I’m not enough.

With that said, this space of mine will be more of a journal, and where I will write my daily thoughts. Along with the obvious inspiration from time to time.

Again, I’d like to thank every one of you who continue to follow along with my crazy journey of Motherhood and Homemaking, and I hope you enjoy the more “real life/ in the moment” type posts. They are what motivate me to keep going & after all, I want to look back one day and remember everything that once made me happy.

Leaving you with a few photos from today that made me happy. Jamba juice dates, crazy paint bath parties, and Xander focusing so hard on opening his Oreo cookie so he could scrape the filling out of it. That’s his favorite. ?

Xo, Clarissa

August 2, 2018