Preparing to be a big sibling!

*Thank you BuyBuyBABY for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*

We are almost two months away from meeting the newest addition to our crazy clan, and I can honestly say it feels so weird to say that. A little more surreal than the last time around. I think too that this pregnancy has really flown by and that’s mostly because I have been kept so busy with all three kiddos and our pup.

Hey, I’m not complaining! I remember with Xander; I was counting down the minutes. Now, I can barely even remember how many weeks pregnant I am. Haha. Also if we have all the essentials and necessities for this little guy that will be joining us, I don’t think the kids know what to expect bringing another new baby into this home, especially Xander.

This entire summer, I have been trying to teach him ways of becoming a big brother by like sharing his toys; and making sure he knows how to share “me time” too. I don’t think that’s enough though, because even when he points at my belly and says “baby” and gives his baby brother kisses (it’s literally the cutest thing), I still feel like he really doesn’t understand what’s about to happen. Haha.

At the beginning of the summer, I took the time to read a few books and articles I found over on BuyBuyBABY, about what to expect when your child is too young to understand the concept of becoming a big sibling. I was actually at ease knowing that the majority of the things they recommended I do, I was already doing with no intention. So, I’d thought I’d share with you the few things we have going on around here to help the littlest prepare for his baby brother.


Without even noticing this, I do talk about the baby all the time. Right now I’m in huge nesting mode, so preparing the house is a daily thing. But, with that, I’m always stating to the kids “look what I bought our baby brother today?” Or “what is one thing you look forward to the most with baby brother?” Also, since Xander (my littlest) shares the nursery with him, he tends to try to put on his shoes or bonnets, or whatever he can get his hands onto, so typically I try to correct him by saying “no no, that’s for baby brother.” All while pointing at my belly. Seems to work.


Another thing I regularly do; is involve the kids in basically anything I do. Doctor visits, setting up the crib, installing the car seat, even in the name picking (we all voted). As a matter of fact, before we started trying for this baby, I asked the older two how they felt about having another baby brother, and they both were just as excited at the idea then we were. It’s been a fun process knowing that the kids too want to be just as involved.


To prevent jealousy from happening about the baby getting all the attention, I thought it would be fun to buy the kids a few things to prep for the baby as well. Such as books I found on BuyBuyBABY, about being an older sibling, and baby dolls to help them realize how tiny babies really are. I even bought Xander a little doll set to help him understand the baby process a bit more. There are a lot of things you can find over at BuyBuyBABY that will help you prepare for baby, and you older kids prepare, too.


Last but not least, always let your older kids help you with their new baby brother or sister. Whether it’s for feedings, diaper changes, or just holding the baby. You want them to feel like they are needed and are big kids that can help. – I think this part is what helped my older two become so well with Xander (my littlest baby) when he was born. Including them always and let them help when they wanted too, even if it means the process will take a little longer.

Even though I know there are so much more things out there you can do to prepare yourself as well as your kids, I felt these, from personal experience, helped me the most. Make sure to head on over to for all your baby needs, they carry everything from clothes, to cribs, to diapers. It’s almost like a one stop shop for all my babies needs!