Summer learning activity

*Thank you Leapfrog Academy for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*

I’ve been trying to convince myself that for the next few weeks, and since summer started, that I would keep the kids busy, every. Single. Day.

I kinda laugh at it now, because if i’m being honest, It’s too dang hot to leave the house, and most of the time, i’m just too tired to come up with new ideas. Not to mention the messes and my kids get bored within 5 minutes of starting a new activity. Story of every mother’s life, right?

So instead, we kind of got into this new rhythm: in the mornings, they will spend the better half of it outside playing until it gets too hot, and then will come inside and play with a few toys, or come up with some crazy obstacle course that involves getting every pillow we own and placing them on the floor, so they don’t fall in the lava, aka floor. On our down time, which is normally nap time. We have found a few alternatives to video games and the good ol’ youtube.

Remember last year, when I told you guys I decided to sign Millie up for Leapfrog academy? Well, yes, she is still actively on the leapfrog app, which is a subscription -based learning program tailored for 3-6 year olds. I can’t believe all the things that her and her brother have learned from this app in the past year – and it makes me so happy that they can learn AND have fun! (Ethan is almost 7 – in august!…. But he still loves to show his sister how to play & what he’s learned!)

Some of their favorite games include problem solving & memory, where they have to match one image with another that they’ve seen before – they’re getting so good at it! They also play the math games a lot, where they learn to add, subtract and count to 100.

LeapFrog Academy covers curriculum for preschool through first grade and includes activities such as math, reading, and science along with problem-solving, creativity and social-emotional skills.

Millie especially loves this app because once you create your personal account, you can customize your own avatar and earn rewards by collecting marbles after every activity. She gets sooo excited each time she “wins” something and I think it shows her how good it feels when hard work pays off!

LeapFrog Academy includes more than 1,500 eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music, and art across a variety of Learning Adventures. And since they have both been pretty active the last 11 months on this app, you can imagine the amount of rewards they have racked up. Haha.

It seriously melts me to see how sweet and genuine Ethan is when it comes to trying to teach her sister the stuff he learned last year as a kinder. He’s always finding new ways to prep her for kinder and seeing him help her, just makes my mama heart want to explode!

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