Kid’s shared bedroom

*Thank you JCPenney for sponsoring us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own*

I’ve been asked a lot lately on why the two older kids share their rooms, and how I keep their different personalities separate since they tend to share a lot of things together and they are both getting older.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine them in their own rooms, and that’s only because they love being together. Sure, they fight, but what siblings don’t? We’ve always given them the option to have their own rooms, but for some reason, they aren’t convinced. I think it’s more so Millie than Ethan, but it’s awesome how he’s up for it. I kind of like how they have one part of their home where they have to just go and chill out. They aren’t always down each others necks, and we try to keep things as separate as possible (i.e. toys, clothes, and beds).
Just this last month we had the kids pick out their own bedding set from JCPenney! This is something I’ve never done, because I’ve always thought having two different styles will make the room look too hectic for my taste. I was actually really happy to be wrong. I love that they are able to express their own personality through their bedding sheets, and honestly, it’s so cute and fun to see how excited they are about their own separate part of their rooms.

(Millie’s bedding set can be bought here)
(Ethan’s bedding set can be bought here)

We obviously chose to choose from our favorite store, JCPenney. It’s a one-stop destination for a variety of stylish home and home I merchandise. It’s always been our favorite place to shop for everything in our room, and you can’t go wrong with these adorable bedroom pieces from Frank & Lulu! Make sure to visit JCPenney or go online to shop the Shop by Room Event 

May 29, 2018