Fun spring outfit

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Hey Hey! Happy Friday, friends! It’s such a beautiful spring morning here in Arizona. There has been a refreshing breeze all week, which means the windows have been cracked open, and we are just enjoying this season as much as possible before it becomes too hot. I’m so sorry for all my friends who are still getting snow and cold weather. I can’t even imagine spending spring with winter weather. But, I guess you need to embrace mother nature and take it for what it is. Right?

Earlier this week, If you followed along, I mentioned in a blog post that I’ve been finding motivation in my every day by merely spending a few extra minutes on myself every morning by brushing my hair and putting on a fun outfit that makes me feel pretty. It’s weird how something so simple can help boost your energy by so much. And I’ve been finding it fun coming up with new outfits from my closet. Since I’m pretty modest and stick with simple patterns and colors, just because it’s safe, I think bringing out bright colors and florals with stripes is the perfect way to step out of my comfort zone. I was so surprised to see how many mamas do this as well, since being a stay at home mom and all it’s very easy to get sucked into staying in your pajamas all day. Self-Esteem in yourself is so important and is the main thing you learn about when you learn about Self care regimens. So, waking up and spending a few moments on yourself is by far one of my favorite self care practices. I’m just hoping I can stick with it, and keep it in my daily routine.

Recently, I purchased these adorable Red Dansko sandal wedges from, and luckily for me, they are the perfect addition to my bare shoe collection. I don’t know why but I always find myself staying away from any shoes that has any sort-of height in the heel, but maybe it’s because the majority of my day I am cleaning and chasing after a toddler. So it’s cool to see that with these sandals, there is a perfect amount of wedge, and they are seriously so comfortable. Plus, they make me feel fabulous. Which mom doesn’t want best of both worlds? 😉 The color is so vibrant, and it’s cool to see that red really can be pulled off with any color or patterns.

If you are not much of a heel type gal, you should definitely check out the Dansko sandal and clog collection from They have so many different options to choose from, and not to mention all the fun colors and styles just in time for the spring/summer season. One thing I love about shopping on is that they offer free and fast shipping, and if you end up changing your mind once you receive your product, they have a 365 return policy. Now that is cool! I can’t wait to see how my shoe collection grows throughout the next few months now that I have discovered, there are seriously so many different styles for everyone’s taste. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to spice up my summer wardrobe and bringing out all the fun colors.

April 19, 2018