Small spring changes

I’m pretty excited about being featured over on The Home Depot blog tomorrow. A few weeks ago, I got asked to participate in the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge for spring, and If i’m being honest, I was pretty intimidated. Our backyard is pretty bland, and full of rock, and because we are renters, we can’t do much with it. So, I felt a little under qualified for this challenge.

After Joe put a little pep in my step and talked me into it, I got so excited to start finally decorating our little patio space we have in the back. I mean, after two years, you’d think I would finally have motivation to style it and make it feel warm and inviting. So, with the obvious, i started making secret boards on pinterest, and scrolling and pinning all of these ideas I had for our space. It obviously might not be as grand or extravagant as most patio/yards you find on pinterest, but I am so happy we did this.


After much thought and time, we finally have a space to go to, to unwind and enjoy the outdoors some. To be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and have a space so cozy where I feel comfortable to actually sit for a period of time is so calming to me.


click here, for the full reveal.


April 20, 2018