Gender Neutral baby Must Haves

*Thank you BuyBuyBABY for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own.*

So excited to be partnering up with our favorite store, BuyBuyBABY, to be sharing with you guys all of my top gender neutral babies pick for baby #4 that you can purchase in-store or via the web. Although we know the sex of the baby, I still find myself drawn to the gender neutral items and love everything we have picked thus far.

With the recent news of Babies R Us shutting down, I am happy to announce that BuyBuyBABY offers in-store or online baby registry and they offer everything from cribs, to car seats, to diapers. For the last few years, I have relied on BuyBuyBABY for everything. All of Xander’s clothes, diapers, and even some toys for the older kids. They carry all the name brand items that you are looking for, and the company overall is just the best place to shop for your kiddos.

This being our fourth baby, we are going to be very low maintenance with everything we purchase brand new, mainly because we already have so much of Xanders Gender neutral items that we have kept. Although I obviously can’t help but splurge on a few things for this baby because we are just so excited and there are so many cute things I want to get.

First things first, these onesies are just everything you need for a newborn. I honestly don’t think you can have enough white onesies, but with these Basic white Gerber Side, Snap Long Sleeve Shirts (they also have the option to turn the end of the shirt into mittens so baby can’t scratch their face) is MY favorite onesie, BY FAR.

There is something about swaddling a newborn. It was my favorite thing to do with little Xander, and Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddles were our favorites with him, so stocking up on these for this baby is a must! How cute are these animal prints?

Another favorite of ours is this Jonathan Adler Crafted by Fisher-Price Deluxe Smart Connect Rock  Play Sleeper. This rock’n’play was a lifesaver, especially for when I wanted to sneak in a quick shower. I can’t wait to bring it out again.

Sink baths will forever be my favorite and thanks to the Blooming baby bath mat; I will be able to bathe my baby in the sink as a newborn. I love how soft this bath mat is, and it really makes newborn baths so much easier. Also, it’s so easy to clean; you just stick it in the washer.

After trying plenty of diaper bags, I honestly feel like my favorite diaper bags are the ones that come in the form of a backpack. This Robyn Convertible Diaper Bag by Babymel just looks so dreamy. Totally want to splurge on a new bag that seems to be so roomy.

Sleep gowns are everything, especially during those late night diaper changes. I found these sleep gowns so useful with Xander, I was able to change his diapers so easily, and his little legs were never cold during the night. I think these are cute for both boy and girl.

I just love wearing my babies, especially in the first few months of their lives. I found my favorite to be the baby wraps. And this Moby wrap was on my list of things to buy for this baby. Perfect color and all!

For all you nursing mamas, these milk snob nursing covers/ Car Seat Cover are perfect for public places. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable nursing in public places. So having this really comfortable, breathable nursing cover that could be used for more than just that is a must-have essential.

There are plenty of more items I still need to purchase, like a new car seat, and a separate crib, but these are just a few of my favorite things that I know I will be using the most in the first few months with this new babe. If you are pregnant and looking for baby items, I highly suggest you do your baby registry through BuyBuyBABY. They have so many options and such excellent customer service, I will be going in the next few weeks to set up our baby registry, and I just can’t wait.

April 18, 2018
April 19, 2018