Spring training game

*Thank you JCPenney for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*

I’m actually pretty sad that Ethan’s spring break is already over. I feel like we didn’t accomplish much besides the usual; park, dinner, and the occasional trip to the grocery store. Haha. He was such a good sport about it though because even if we didn’t get to go to the beach or California per his request, we still were able to accomplish a few trips out of the house with very few meltdowns. 🙂

Surprisingly, we braved our local JCPenney, where we stocked up on a few of the cutest spring fashionwear. The deals were so hard to pass up! I found a few matching Spring outfits for Millie and me, and we also were able to score some cute accessories for Miss Mills (Like this pig hat she wore last Saturday). Oh, and I finally replaced my overalls that I tore a few weeks ago, because thigh fat is so real. Haha. Ethan decided on some basketball shorts and Nike tees. For some reason, comfy activewear clothing is his go-to right now.

Millie has been so obsessed with baseball recently ever since she found a dirty baseball on the high school field where Ethan practices wrestling every week. She has been practicing here at home, almost daily with her plastic orange baseball bat and a squishy ball (in the words of Millie “Just in case it hits anyone…It won’t hurt.”), so a spring training game was calling our name. With the warmer weather and the smell of hotdogs on the grill, it was the perfect Saturday for our little family. We were smart enough to get lawn tickets because God knows with Xander and his active walking, he would not sit still during a game, and we were completely right. He was walking (and falling) the entire game. It was a great way to burn off some energy.

We stuffed our faces with monster hot dogs, homemade lemonade, and snow cones. The kids also won us some sandwiches for running a race in the third inning, they were able to go on the field and race each other and it was just so much fun to see. They really enjoyed it. “This is the best day ever!” as Ethan described it. 😉

I think my taste for ripped jeans is pretty obvious, and I was so happy to find these affordable a.n.a skinny jeans on sale and a matching shirt. As for Millie’s outfit, we pretty much planned our outfit around this adorable baseball cap we found. It was just way too cute to pass up. Along with this on-Trend jean dress that can pretty much go with anything.

Luckily for us, our one-stop shop is JCPenney where I can find the cutest trends for an everyday value! JCPenney never seems to fail, and always carries everything for our entire family. Shop all the latest spring trends, here.