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*Thank you KinderCare for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*

(“Mommy look! I’m a big girl now because I know how to close one eye. “)

If I’m completely honest with you here, I do like to shelter my children and protect them from any harms way. Some people may think it’s a good thing, but also, some of you might think differently. I’m always so conflicted about keeping my children home, or if I want them to go experience school outside of home. Since Millie turned five last month, she has been asking me non stop about how she wants to go to school where she can make friends and play outside as often as they’d let her.

I have never thought about enrolling her in an actual preschool because she’s always loved being home with me. This new personality that I’m growing to love of hers is really starting to become a huge turn in her life. From a girl who was once so shy to even talk to a stranger at the grocery store, now tries to make friends wherever she goes.

I guess I’m still in denial that my little girl is no longer a baby, and accepting the fact that I will no longer have her here with me during the days is a little extra emotional for me. It’s all so exciting and yet, so nerve wrecking, for me at least. Giving it a go for her sake, we decided to visit and explore our local KinderCare that is only 5 miles from our house.

When Ethan was younger, and Joe and I both worked full time, we placed him in the KinderCare preschool program a few times a week, and I just felt so comfortable with the staff and his teachers, and he seemed to have gotten along pretty well with the other children. They made me feel so confident and safe to ask whatever million questions I had to ask. I couldn’t help but be reassured that they truly care about the parents and the children. So, I guess I never thought of taking the kids elsewhere because we had such a good experience. There is nothing more I want than peace of mind and peace of heart knowing that my children will always be in the hands of the best care. Not having to worry about how your kids are doing and how well they are getting along with the other children is probably the best feeling.

Something to take away from this new chapter in our lives is seeing how excited millie is when it comes to learning and arts and crafts. I know for a fact, that will always be my favorite thing. I still have all of Ethan’s old crafts stored away because I don’t want to let go of that age, where he once drew me turkeys made out of his 4-year-old little hand. Or my handmade mothers day gifts. Watching them grow up is so much fun, and I love how hands-on KinderCare are with their students.

If you are worried about finding an affordable preschool for your kid(s), make sure you head on over to learn more about KinderCare. They work with you on tuition costs and help you find what fits your budget. Learn More, here. We love how KinderCare has an enviroment that is energized, Responsive, Enriched, and Measureable. They are a company who truly cares about your family needs.

February 5, 2018
February 16, 2018