Winter walks

*Thank you Mustela for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*

We have been spending the majority of our mornings this week out in the cold and walking around the neighborhood blowing off some energy before we get started on our days here at home. That’s the one thing I love about winters here in Arizona, they aren’t unbearably cold, and you can still head out before the afternoon sun hits. It’s great, especially when you have little ones who aren’t big fans of the cold. I have been spending all week preparing for winter break since Joe and Ethan will be home for a few weeks. I wanted to keep our house neat and tidy, which means Millie and Xander have been so cooped up in the house. I have to force myself to spend a few hours outside so all of us can catch some fresh air.

Wrapped up and cozy in his stroller is Xander’s favorite place to be. I like to leave a few snacks in arms reach, and I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s for the birds, because the majority of his cheerios are left leading a trail for our way back home. It’s so fun watching how Xander enjoys the park now that he is a little older. He may get messier since he crawls everywhere, but he loves trying to be apart with the big kids, and it’s just such a fun stage right now. Sometimes I need to remind myself to let my OCD take a break for a while, and let kids be kids. It can be hard for me just to sit and watch them ruin their brand new clothes, or run around touching everything that screams germs, but then I get reminded by the little giggles that are coming from their mouths and need to remember that this is their part of childhood that they won’t forget.

I’ve had a few of you ask what type of skin care products I love the most, and now, especially during winter, I’ve been using the Mustela Hydra-Stick with Cold Cream, to help keep Xanders little lips and cheeks moisturized during our morning walks in the winter. It’s a travel-friendly moisturizing stick, that protects and comforts your baby’s lips and cheeks. It’s been a life saver for our early mornings out bearing the cold. I know his precious baby skin will thank me later for it… plus, I love stealing it from him to use on myself! You all know I’m a huge  fan of Mustela products, but this one is currently tucked away in my diaper bag and won’t be leaving until spring.

December 11, 2017
February 5, 2018