A cozy night

*Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond for partnering up with us on this post. As always all opinions are my own*

Sometimes I just sit here and think. “What did I do to deserve this life?” Sitting in bed on a Sunday night, wrapping up the weekend in the simplest way. Prepping our family meals for the week and last minute “me” time before what seems always to turn out to be a chaotic week. And to be honest, this is the best life. The life I have read about in books or seen in movies, and I’m just so so thankful I have the privilege to do this. Living a slow Sunday night at home with my kids tucked in bed, and my husband by my side. I don’t know, but it has a beautiful ring to it. Joe always seems to have the itch to catch a movie or just head out of the house on the weekend, so it feels really nice just to stay put and relax at home together after an eventful few days.

My bed is the coziest during the winter months, and that’s just because I can get away with layering our bed with thousands of comfy blankets and throws. I mean, I bought five new blankets this season, and I plan to use every single one of them, every single night. Haha. We stocked up on a few blankets from the Bed Bath & Beyond Fine linen collection and my absolute favorite is my Cariloha Knit Throw Blanket. It’s made from the squishy and soft viscose from bamboo, which makes it so hard for me not to get wrapped up and tucked in for the night.

Cozying up in bed is my favorite thing to do, especially when it entails me being able to get some work done. I mean, I am a blogger, so the majority of my work is done on the computer, haha. But, I still love to brainstorm our daily activities, like meal planning, activity scheduling, and writing our weekly cleaning routine. Although I honestly feel the most inspired in the morning, It feels nice to have energy after a long day to just sit here and reflect on our everyday life, and write. This weekend will be a short one, and that’s just because I only have two whole days to tidy up our home and organize our pantry before Joe is off for the rest of the holiday. Yep, you heard that right. Joe has three weeks off, that’s 23 days of him being home with us. And although that is great and I love having him home, it seems to me I don’t get much done when he’s around, so making sure our home is in tip-top shape looks like a must before his official vacation starts!

Right now, as we are wrapping up this weekend cozied up in bed with our comfy blankets from Bed Bath & Beyond. I wanted to share with you guys this cookbook I found with you at our local thrift store. It covers the best foods for the season, and right now that it’s winter, I’m all for soups. It’s such an inspiring book for homemakers like myself. The illustrations also are so adorable, and it makes me excited to prepare our family meals this winter! I found the books online, here.

Also, If you are looking for cozy fine linen beddings, you can shop Bed Bath & Beyond entire collection, here.

December 6, 2017
December 21, 2017