A Cozy Christmas

It’s been such a quiet morning here at home; the kids are coloring quietly in their room while the baby is two hours deep into his morning nap and I can’t help but have this overwhelming sense of Joy. It’s December, guys! There is pine smell coming from our lightly lit Noble Fir, and it’s just another reminder that Christmas is here, and my house is showing all the jolly with the coziness of Red, green, and burnt orange surrounding these walls.

Waking up before the sun and enjoying my freshly brewed coffee while our house fills with twinkle lights and fresh hung garland, is exactly what my soul needs to renew for a new day. I love this time of year. Especially this year because I don’t have the need to spend a crazy amount of money on presents(my husband is a different story…haha). Or Christmas decor, and I will most likely spend this season here at home, baking with my littles, crafting homemade presents, perfecting the yummiest of soups, and hearing Christmas jingles quietly playing throughout the day here at home. Tis’ the season for all the Joy my home may bring.

Rejoice. For God has sacrificed his life, to give you YOURS.

Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

Happy Holidays, my friends!


December 6, 2017