Children’s book activity- Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things are diy activity

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where the wild things are diy activity

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.”

The saying I want my kids to hear for the rest of their lives. I think as parents, we will always encourage our children to dream big. Chasing a dream is the best, yet scariest feeling you could ever face, and with every second it’s worth it. With big dreams come big imagination, and I love that my kids have the wildest imagination.

Where The Wild things are, is probably my all-time favorite children’s book and my kids too. The storyline of this book is fantastic, and I think every child should be encouraged to use their imagination as Max does. Not only are the illustrations adorable but I resonate and get inspired to motivate my kids to have those sorts of adventures.

This week I made it a point to take time out of our busy schedule and read a few books, more like ten, but who’s counting. We also decided to go on our own little adventure like Max, so Millie and I grabbed our coats and went off to find the wild things growing in our front yard. We grabbed a wicker basket from our cupboard and ventured off through our neighborhood to see what we could find.

Who would’ve thought that the littlest adventure would turn out to be our favorite part of the day? To my surprise, Millies eye for imagination is much greater than I imagined. She picked up oddly shaped sticks and would make up what it was for. There was a thick stick shaped like a “Y, ” and she says “Look, mama, it’s a slingshot.” Or those bird feathers that were perfectly meshed into the autumn leafs, she would pick each one up and gently place it in the basket saying “Aw poor birdies are losing their feathers.”

Those little moments of seeing her excitement for nature is something I want to hold dear to my heart as she grows older. After about 30 minutes hanging out in our neighborhood, we had a basket full of wild goodies and headed back home to take a look at everything we had found. We decided to place all our items on the kitchen table and talk about all the wild things we have collected and why we chose them. After a while, I think we both agreed that the little wheat bush we found in the front of our house was our favorite item. Not only is it unique, but it’s also very rare that it was even planted in our front yard.

To make this adventure even better, we decided to add all the wild things inside a mason jar, and once we stuffed the jar with everything, we added water. It looks so cool, and wild, and just everything we needed to make today’s adventure complete. To step inside the world of imagination, it’s so easy to find ideas to make a book come to life. Reading is fun, but take it a step further and do fun activities with the books you have read. This wasn’t our first time doing this, and it definitely won’t be our last. If you want to do this fun DIY activity all you’ll need is

fun kid activities to do with childrens books

where the wild things are childrens diy activity

+”Where the wild things are” book that you can purchase, here.
+Mason jar

Make sure to read the book first and then encourage your kids to find the wildest things on a walk through your neighborhood. Once you have collected all your items, talk about each one and add them to a mason jar and fill the jar with water and shut tightly. You can store it in your kid’s room- out of reach of children.

Such a simple yet fulfilling activity to do with your kids. Would you like to see more posts like these? I’m thinking of making it a series. 🙂 Thanks to BuyBuy BABY for having the best collections of books for kids.


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December 1, 2017