Pure, gentle, happy. A perfect gift set for your little girl

handcrafted baby dolls for your little girl

Watching Millie gently sway her babies back and forth to sleep while she pretends to juggle a phone conversation on her left shoulder I just couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that she observes the littlest detail in our everyday life. Those little moments I know I will cherish forever because those are the moments when she reminds me of my childhood. I love being a Mom, and I love seeing life through my kid’s eyes. I love seeing the creativity come to life when Millie sits quietly in her room and plays mom with her baby dolls. It makes me wonder when she’s older what type of mom she will be. Although, if you were to ask her, she’d rather be a firefighter, than a mom. Haha!

Growing up with sisters, I remember having a huge collection of baby dolls around the house, but my favorite was always the ones tucked away at my grandma’s house. I remember doing the same thing, playing house, swaying my babies on my hip while juggling a phone call and those were the moments as a child when I knew I couldn’t wait for the day that I would be a mama.

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When I purchased these dolls from Adora, I was so excited about the fact that they carried different ethnicities of babies and that they are handcrafted, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, BPA-free, and machine washable as well. When I saw Millie open up her dolls for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel so happy to be in that moment with her. Watching her love something that we were able to gift her, reminds me of what a pure, gentle soul she truly is. I watch her with her baby brother on a daily basis, but with these babies, they are hers, to love and to hold, and to tuck into bed at night.

She tells me all the time “mom make sure you strap the babies in super tight” when she asks me to buckle her babies up in her deluxe stroller we got with them. It’s the sturdiest doll stroller we’ve ever had, and it reminds me of Xanders Britax stroller that we use on a daily basis as well. It makes me smile when I see her try to be just like me, with the baby juggling, dinner making, and all sorts of other stuff I don’t realize I do until I see her doing the same thing, haha.

Watching Millie’s creative imagination throughout these years is the reason I love being at home with them 24/7. I am so happy we can gift her these items that still reassures me she will always be our baby girl. I don’t think I can ever get over the love she shares for her toys, especially these dolls. If you are looking for a unique doll to gift your little girl, make sure to check out Adora.