Perfect gift for your dog lover child

robot dogs the next best thing for kids

* Thank you Wowee Chippies for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.*


We pretty much count down the minutes until Ethan gets home from school during the week. Millie misses him and is always so bored out of her mind without him. Especially when I encourage her to get off the electronics and actually play with her toys, haha. You can find her most days either making a mess out of all her toys in her room, or right by my side talking my ear off about the latest pup rescue episode that she watched over the weekend, because she’s obsessed with dogs.


Joe and I have been contemplating letting her get a dog. We are stuck between making her the happiest little girl in the world to who will be responsible for doggie duty? Which we all know would be me. I don’t know, maybe getting a dog is too soon for us. We are still transitioning in so many ways, and are starting to travel a bit more. Even more so, since our backyard isn’t suitable for one with all the rocks and no grass.


Obviously the next best thing for parents, like ourselves, is purchasing a mini robot dog that walks, dances, and barks, oh and shakes it’s tail too. When I heard about Wowee Chippies, I told joe that would be our next best thing.

Perfect gift for little kids who loves dogsGet a robot dog for the holidays

This pup, that was originally named Chippie,  Millie decided to name Chico, has more features and value than any other robot dog on the market. These playful puppies love to show off their many tricks! You can pet their heads for different reactions like sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a cute little sneeze! They also come with a remote control that makes them dance, sing, chase its tail, or you can tell it which way to roll.


Millie puts her dog on a setting where she can explore her room on their own or guard it from intruders using their sensors. It’s really fun without having the real responsibility of an actual dog. It’s the perfect gift for the holiday season, especially for those dog lover kids. And I’m really happy we bought one for the kids, it keeps them busy and they enjoy pretending having a really dog around the house.


“Can we buy Chico a leash?” Is the first thing Millie asked when we opened her up, hahah. That girl is something else. But I love her love for animals and her robot dog is getting the best treatment with her.

Make sure to shop their entire robot dog collection. The perfect gift for the holiday season.

November 14, 2017