Shine your way this holiday

kid clothes for the holidays

*Thank you Crazy 8 for partnering up with us on this post, as always, all opinions are my own. *

Its such a beautiful Sunday here in Arizona. We are listening to our favorite holiday playlist and enjoying the light breeze in our backyard. These type of moments are the ones that I wish we had a huge green yard where I can sit back, sip on some coffee and enjoy my kids being kids by running barefoot through the fresh cut grass and being free of worry. But for now, our current view is the greyish rocks that lay in the mix of dirt and the kids digging for their treasures. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona is beautiful in its own unique way. The pink sunsets and beautiful cactus’s that peep through our beautiful deserts. Oh, and don’t get me started on the beautiful weather during the winter months here. It’s chilly, but not unbearable. It’s perfect.

My heart is pulling me in so many different directions at the moment, and if we ever do decide to leave our state of Arizona, I’m going to miss it. I’ll miss these beautiful Sunday mornings, where we can enjoy this gentle breeze but still wear sandals. Or those beautiful sunsets where the skies look like cotton candy, and all those lovely memories we have of our children growing up here. Change is good though. I don’t ever see myself sitting still. I’ve never been one to stay comfortable for very long. I like exploring and experiencing things that get me out of my comfort zone. I’m a big dreamer, and when I have an idea, I can’t just sit on it. I want to go out and get it.

I think that’s where my love of seasons come along; the change in seasons & holidays are always so good for my soul. It gives me something to look forward too, and that’s the best feeling to have. We can cherish our moments but still have the excitement for what’s to come. This past weekend I finally went through the kid’s clothes and packed away all their swimsuits and tank tops. We are in the process of revamping their entire wardrobes because apparently, I can’t keep up with how fast they grow. I like to buy their clothes a size bigger so they can wear it for a good while, but even then, we just gave away about ten brand new pair of shoes that Ethan and Millie grew out of within a split second. Well, ok, I might be over exaggerating a bit. But, seriously. Why do kids grow like a sprouting weed?

comfy holiday clothes dressing your kids for the holidays affordable and stylish clothes for kids

I’m going to be so sad when the day comes, and E and Millie won’t want me to pick out their outfits any longer. I’m pretty lucky to have kids who still trust me to pick out their clothes, and that is why I love crazy 8. I think about 80% of the kid’s clothes is Crazy 8 brand. But, their website makes it so easy to dress my kids from head to toe with their “Outfit” section. I usually just get what is suggested to be a right outfit because their choices are always so cute, and well put together.

kid clothes for the holidays

(Millie’s shirt, tights, and shoes / Xanders Shirt, Sweater, and jeans / Ethan’s Shirt, jeans, shoes)

We put the kids in their new outfits for church this morning, and couldn’t wait to snap a few photos. Can you guess who wasn’t very happy that mama put him down for a quick picture? haha. Right now, Crazy 8 has all the fashion you need to #shineyourway this holiday season. The variety is pretty great, and I love that we can keep the kids casual or dressy. Their holiday collection lets your kids mix and remix their favorite pieces to fit any special occasion. Head on over to, and let us know which favorite Crazy8 style you like! Xo Hoping everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as we are.