DIY Autumn leaf garland

DIY fall leaf garland

Crafts, crafts, and more crafts. We are just a big crafty family. Haha, Just kidding. This is the first time we have done a craft as a family, and it was so much fun! This garland means so much more to me than just any regular garland. And that’s because we all sat down last night after Sunday dinner and talked about everything we were grateful for. From play time to mamas cooking, the kids had a lot to be thankful for, and it made my mama heart so happy.

What is this garland? It’s autumn leaves and twine. That’s it! What we did was went out to our local craft store and bought different colored leaves. If you live in a world where you walk outside and your house is full of beautiful colored leaves, have at it! Living here in Arizona, we have cactus’s, so you know, the next best thing was the Michael’s down the street. Haha. So we sat at our kitchen table and went around talking about what we were grateful for, and then wrote them on the back of each leaf. The first thing Ethan said he was thankful for was “Daddy and his Xbox.” Haha, figures that’s something he would say.


We wrote just about everything we could think of. Like being thankful for beautiful mornings, quiet time, Xanders pacifier (because that’s the only thing that stops him from crying haha), the pillows we sleep on, cars to drive us places, daddy’s work, clean clothes, neighbors, and so much more. It helped us realize that we have so much more than just the items in our house to be grateful for. It was so heartwarming to see all the cute things the kids came up with & made me realize that they pay attention to way more detail than I have imagined.

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All you need for this fun project is
-twine or string
-sharpie or pencil


And all you do is write on the back of each leaf and poke a little hole on the top of each leaf and insert in the string. It’s seriously the simplest project, and it was fun while it lasted. I got ditched after we ran out of leaves and ended up putting the garland together by myself, but still, I was able to sit in peace n’ quiet finishing up, and that is something I cannot complain about.

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This garland is the perfect fall craft, and it made my little book area 10xs cozier. What do you think?