Homemade Fall scents with a slow cooker!

make your home smell like fall

homemade scents with a slow cooker

I always feel like my house isn’t “clean” unless I can smell a seriously strong scented candle or wax melt heating in my burner. The majority of the time I have about 2-3 candles burning throughout the house. I felt like trying something different from the typical pumpkin candles, and apple scented wax melts, Not that they aren’t great, I just wanted something different, Ya know? So I got out my slow cooker, that seems to be getting used daily this week, and went through my spice cabinet for a few ingredients.

It only makes sense to stick with “fall scented” ingredients since I feel so inspired by this season. Most of these ingredients, if you’re lucky, you can find them in your cupboard. If not, you can find them cheap at your local market.


Things you need:
*Cinnamon Sticks
*Bay leaves
*Orange peels
*Whole cloves
*Wild Orange essential oil & Cinnamon Essential oil

Add two cups of water to your slow cooker and add a handful (4-6)of cinnamon sticks, 3-5 bay leaves, two oranges-peeled, 2 tbsp of whole cloves, and a few drops of each essential oils and turn on the slow cooker to HIGH. Let sit for a few hours, and then reduce heat.


It’s pretty amazing how something so simple, it’s like making your own potpourri and my house smells fantastic! I can’t wait to share with you guys all the other scented mixtures I’ll be adding to the slow cooker soon! Hope you enjoyed. xo

October 23, 2017


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    September 20, 2018

    This sounds wonderful! I wish I had essential oils! How long do you think the smell lasts from one batch? I’d love to make some but worry it will only be a strong scent for the one time.