Road trip & Scenic routes

farm life in utah

This past weekend we took a drive up north to our favorite state, Utah! Even though it was a quick trip, we took the scenic route, and it was definitely worth it. I was so surprised to see how well my kids behaved on the road. It was the first time we’ve taken all three of them on a road trip, and they did well. Except for those few times they had a meltdown over who’s turn it was to play on my moms iPad. haha.

Speaking of my mom, we took her along for the ride, because Joe was in a different state working. She was such a trooper and is indeed the most patient person I know. haha. She handled the kids persistent “Are we there yet?” waaaay better than I did that’s for sure.

For some reason, every time I get a chance to visit up north, I always dream of our future being on a farm, raising children and chickens, and having soup on the stove and our clothes drying on a clothesline. I say soup because it was so cold! It felt like winter. I didn’t even think it would be that cold so I, of course, didn’t pack accordingly and had to stop at an old navy to stalk up on thick coats and thicker pants. haha. But you can’t beat those majestic mountains and green scenery. With every breathtaking cold wind that blew in your face, it was so worth it. There were so many different colored trees, from yellow to red, to orange, to dark green, it was so autumn like and cozy. I have always seen myself raising a family up in Utah, and the older I get, the more I long for that country life.

I never grew up on a farm, but there is something about giving my kids a simpler life that I just want so badly! I can’t be the only one that feels this way? Between all the stops, I was able to snap these few photos, and they are all so breathtaking.


So, many trees, so many mountains, and so many memories. Thank you, Toyota for lending us your Rav4 so we could test drive through the beautiful mountains. We were able to drive comfortably with all three children, and there was plenty of room in the back that I even had space to purchase antiques and take them back home with me! Not to mention, the gas mileage was amazing on the rav4. It was only 25 dollars to fill up a full tank! 25 DOLLARS. That’s like unheard of… I’ll just keep daydreaming of the Rav4, and this weekend, because it was perfect.


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