celebrating life with Gold Peak

celebrate life with gold peaks

*Thanks to my friends at Coca-Cola for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*

spending quality time with family red robins hamburgers

Nothing like heading out to dinner on a Friday night with your peeps. I can’t thank Joe enough for giving me a day off in the kitchen. Monday-Friday is really busy for us, so when it comes to the weekends, I love that we can enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about the mess in the kitchen afterward. I guess you can say I’m a little spoiled when I say that I love not having to cook on the weekends, not saying that I don’t, but I love having that option to say “hey let’s go grab a burger at Red Robin!” As much as Joe loves my homemade cooking ?( right, Joe?), We spend the majority of our weekend nights out dining. And we love it! Getting away from the everyday, like TV’s, electronics, and work. It’s nice to find time to just simply conversate and talk about all the fun things we have accomplished as a family.

We are seriously so lucky to have kids who do well in a restaurant setting. I mean, going out with three kids is enough to scare anyone back in their cocoon. Haha! But, I can’t be more appreciative for them giving me that moment, a moment to soak in another “I made it!” To the weekend, that is.

cherishing family moments

It seems that when we go out eating as a family, joe and I always bring up our future. There’s something about it that gets me so excited. Daydreaming with your best friend, and seeing how far we’ve come together as a family gives me the goosebumps. We have so much in store for us, and I love that we both get so excited talking about it. I guess you can say that eating out is more of a celebration. Celebrating life together, and celebrating how far we’ve come and how much we continue to grow, as a couple and a family. and for us, we love to shower our kids with appreciation when they do something good. Like last weekend, Ethan had his very first wrestling match, and he placed in 2nd place! He’s only six! We were so proud of him, we took him to our favorite burget joint AKA Red Robin and celebrated. Because all though he lost his first round, he still gave his all and wasn’t afraid to get on the mat his first match. Such a proud mama moment for me.

I feel like there is always something to celebrate, whether It’s a job promotion, an A+ on a test, or even a small victory like cleaning out the garage. That’s why I’ve partnered up with Gold Peak and Red Robin, to encourage you all to take a moment and celebrate. We all deserve a break sometimes, and what better way than with a cold brewed iced tea and hamburger.

Being a homebody myself it’s comforting to see that Gold Peak is “The Taste That Brings You Home,” their tea taste homebrewed, it is crisp, refreshing and brings a unique sense of comfort to those who love it. No matter how far from home you are, the feeling of home is only a sip away with Gold Peak.


So, grab your friend, your other half, your kids, whoever it may be. And celebrate!

October 9, 2017