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learning with leapfrog

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learning preschool at home



Ah! Just knowing that Millie is well on her way to kindergarten, just has me so proud of her. Cue the tears. A little tiny piece of me felt guilty when we decided to keep her home this year than taking her to preschool, only because when we send Ethan off to school every day, and I feel like she gets so bored at home without him. I knew that if I was going to make this school year successful for her and help her get a feel of what school was really like, I knew I needed to step up the learning game and sign her up for Leapfrog Academy.


It’s been about a month since we signed up, and I feel like every day she is on it she gets more and more excited about going to the next course to get her “reward.” Which could be clothes for her avatar, new pets, and contributions to her collections. It’s almost as if she doesn’t even realize she’s learning because there are so many games and puzzles. I think her favorite is the music; she will replay the same song until she knows the words so she can sing along, haha. It’s so cute!


I was reading a book on the floor in the kid’s room, minding my own business while Millie was doing a lesson, and I couldn’t help but listen to her ” Oh, this is so cute.” “Oh wait, this is cuter.” “Millie I love your hair.” Out of curiosity, I asked her who she was talking to, and with confusion on her face, she responded “Mom. I’m talking about my avatar; her name is Millie.” Imagine a 4-year-old girl with all the sass in the world, putting her hands up and giving you the “Duh” face. It was so funny! It’s almost as if her avatar is her inner self, and she was talking to her. 😉 When she pointed to the avatar on the screen, you could see that she added pink hair with a purple flower headband and a purple dress. It’s like she was expressing her wild side through her Avatar.


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“Mom, did you know that Frog starts with the letter F.” I couldn’t help but feel at that moment, so proud of her. A few months ago she didn’t even know what the letter F looked like. I’m so grateful that there is a program out there that makes learning so fun. I’ve caught her a few times singing “Shapes are all around us, they’re everywhere you see. So come and take a look and find them with me. Look over there; I can see a square, with four equal sides.” and just like that, she knows exactly what a square is, without even realizing it. That song stuck out to me because the Shapes Are All Around music video has been played more than 20x’s, and that’s the only part of the song she memorized, haha.


When Ethan gets home from school, they both hop on Leapfrog Academy together, and could keep busy for a few hours, if I would let them. One of their favorite things to do together on the app is reading; there’s a ton of book choices. Millie will pretend she can read just as well as her big brother because the app will read the book for you, and with each word highlight it in the book, so Millie likes to follow along as she pretends she’s reading it.


It does my heart good when I see my kids getting along while learning. I mean, that’s a total win for any mom. Right? This Learning Program goes beyond the core subjects that are essential to a child’s development by guiding them through a variety of fun Learning

Adventures, and I couldn’t be happier with Millie’s Progress.


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October 1, 2017