Wooden interactive toys

cute wooden puzzles for kids

*Thank you BuyBuy BABY for partnering up with us on this post. All opinions are my own.*

I thought it would be a smart idea to store some of our favorite Melissa and Doug puzzles in our linen closet just in case we ever have those moments where the kids are complaining about being bored and that “there’s nothing to do.” It’s so funny how kids, in general, can be so in love with a brand new toy, and then the next month you find it broken at the bottom of their toy chest. Or wait, is that just how my kids are?

Either way Cleaning, organizing, and making sure all the pieces to any toy set in place is a struggle. It’s almost like it gives me anxiety knowing that eventually, I’ll have to go through their toy chest and clean out any broken crayons, dirty socks, or plastic water bottle tops. I think Joe and I have been pretty good lately at putting our foot down when it comes to the kids getting a new toy every month. Keeping their toys to a minimum gives them no choice but to play with old toys, or even better playing outside.

Lately, though I have been so drawn to the Melissa and Doug collection over at buybuy BABY. They have a ton of unique interactive toys that the kids can learn from while playing. A lot of their items are hands-on play that ranges from paint set, puzzles, sticker book, or even their baby toys are super cute. I’m obsessed with buying the kids wooden toys, too.


interactive puzzles for kidsHere are some of our favorites that we have in our cupboard right now. Majority of them are learning puzzles, and it’s helping Millie with preschool!


  1. Shapes chunky table
  2. USA Floor Puzzle
  3. Wooden ABC/123 blocks
  4. Food Groups activity set
  5. Cutting Food Set
  6. Clay Play shape model & mold
  7. Pattern Blocks and boards
  8. Shape sorting clock


Those are a few of the items we have here at home, but I feel like buybuy BABY has a ton of learning activity toy options, you can shop that here.

September 26, 2017