How to clean and maintain a jute rug

*Thank you, Serena & Lily for partnering up with us on this post. as always all opinions are my own.*

Do you have a Jute rug in your home that you are not sure how to maintain? I have three, and although I love the way they look in my home, they can be a little tricky to clean and keep looking new.

We have a huge jute rug under our dining table, so it’s almost impossible to keep away from stains and spills. But when we ordered this round jute rug from Serena & Lily for our master bedroom, I knew I should write this post because our master bedroom is the most high-traffic room in our home, and it’s going to be impossible to prevent any stains or accidents from happening. Haha.

It’s really simple to clean, although it’s going to take more than just a quick spray and rub.

how to clean a jute rug How to maintain a jute rug

  1. For immediate spills, grab a quick paper towel to soak up any moisture. Then grab a soft bristle brush with mild soap and water and gently press on the affected area. It’s important not to rub. Dab the area until it’s dry.
  2. Make sure to dry quickly. Use a fan or a blow dryer to dry the moisture from the rug. If the spot is big, hang outside on a clothes line.
  3. If there is a hard stain, you can use a full knife and gently scrape the stain away.
  4. If there are dark stains you need to get rid of, try using Club Soda. Make sure to dab and not rub, as that might cause the stain to spread.
  5. To clean the jute fibers, you can find dry cleaning powder at any store and gently sprinkle some on and scrub with a soft bristle brush.
  6. The most important thing to do is to maintain a clean jute rug; it’s crucial to vacuum them twice a week to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

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