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This school year is way different than the one we had last year. I remember last year when we were getting ready for Ethan’s first time at kindergarten; we were so excited to pick out a cute backpack and pencil box and made sure he had everything he needed to be ready. I even packed his first lunch with fun snacks and a sweet note. haha. It was my first time, so I was excited to do those little things for Ethan. Now that we experienced firsthand what school is really like, I have realized Ethan doesn’t do very well in a big classroom. I think this may be the main reason I’ve been trying to encourage Joe to let me homeschool him.

Last year, we would get notes sent back home on how Ethan had a hard time sitting still for an extended period of the time, and he would have a difficult time paying attention to his teacher. We just assumed everything was so new to Ethan he would probably just grow out it. I guess I never realized this would be his biggest struggle in school. But, it took away from his learning, and we had to keep reminding him to focus and pay attention to his teacher. I think I can speak for Joe and me when I say we had no idea this was going to affect his learning this year as well.

We are seriously so proud of Ethan and the tremendous growth from the time he started kindergarten until the time he finished last May, but Joe and I still felt a little uneasy sending him off to first grade. I guess my biggest fear was that he would always be that kid struggling to keep up and always having a hard time learning because the process of learning in a classroom setting is hard for him. I remember being the same way; I always needed that one-on-one lesson to understand what was being taught to me. Everyone learns differently, and I get that.


We were on the fence all summer about us putting E back to kindergarten or not. I didn’t want him to feel any less than his friends heading off to first grade. To begin with, he was always the smallest one in his class. He barley made the mark to make it to kindergarten. But, I still didn’t want him starting this year being insecure with our decision. Once we decided as a family to keep him in kindergarten this year we had conversations with Ethan, you know, just to let him know there is nothing wrong with him heading back to kinder. We have made it as positive as can be. We also talked about all the fun field trips he would be able to take again this year, and how he would be able to help the other students in class since he knows so much already! I’m so happy we have made this decision for him because this last week he has been so confident with the fact that he knows exactly what the teacher is teaching.

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We are starting this school year differently, and by different I mean we will be helping him stay focused with fewer distractions, and he will officially be getting used to his prescription glasses we bought him this summer at JCPenney Optical. We figured with our horrible vision that it was bound to happen, that if not all, one of our kids would have bad vision. So we will be testing all the kids once they get to kindergarten to see if they will need glasses or not. When we took Ethan to get his first eye exam at JCPenney Optical, we were surprised to see his vision is not as bad as we expected. Although he needs glasses, he can still see fairly well without them as well.

We decided to go through JCPenney because They have $39.99 Back to School Glasses for Kids. They have a huge selection of frames, like Ray Bans, Converse, Liz Claiborne, and so much more. JCPenney Optical has great designer brands and styles for everyone in the family, including Mom and Dad! This back to school sale also includes impact-resistant lenses, and eyewear protection plan. You can imagine the happy dance I did when I found out how affordable and stylish the lenses were, because having a boy I could only fathom the many times his clumsiness will come to play. I’m praying to God he doesn’t break these anytime soon, but it’s good to know where the protection plan will come to play. Ethan was not a fan of wearing glasses, but once he saw these cool Matte Black frames, he was starting to warm up to the idea.

I’m starting to think that all along E needed these glasses to help him focus. It’s so important for us moms to take the initiative and take our kids in for an eye exam at an early age. Ethan never complained about his eyesight, but his vision isn’t 20/20, and I think he just assumed it was normal to see a little blurry. It was fun letting Ethan choose what type of glasses he wanted to wear; he chose a style like his mom and dad!


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