Our Stay at Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort

Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort
Take us back to last weekend where all we had to worry about is what we were going to order for our poolside snacks! We had so much fun taking a road trip to Tucson to stay at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort, We asked Ethan what he wanted to do for his birthday this year, and he said he wanted room service ?. So, that’s what he got! Haha. This was the first weekend I was able to turn off my alarm set and put down my phone in a long time. Yes, I actually didn’t use my phone the majority of our stay. It came as a surprise to me as well, haha.

The resort was great! It laid next to a huge mountain. It was so gorgeous; it literally took my breath away when I saw it! I guess I never pay attention to detail living in the desert. But these rock mountains with tons of cactus’s are absolutely beautiful. The southwestern vibe you get from this hotel makes it that much better. It’s such a high-end hotel with plenty of amazing details that leave you wanting to come back again.

When we arrived to check in on Friday night, there was a guy in the lobby playing a grand piano! Ahh, it felt so relaxing, and that’s when we just knew this was going to be a great stay.

We spent our Saturday all day at the pool, except for in the morning when we went on a mini hike up a trail near our hotel room, which was so much fun. There were three pools by our room. One was a baby pool with the cutest little fountain. It connected to another pool that had a water slide, which the kids couldn’t get enough of, haha I’m not kidding you my arms are still so sore from trying to catch them at the bottom of the slide. It was one of those slides that had a lot of water coming down with it, so it was a lot faster, and at the bottom of the slide there was a little current, and for the kids, since they aren’t very good swimmers they would get sucked under. Well, mama bear to the rescue I had to make sure to grab them just before they hit the water and well, yeah, you can imagine how sore I am. Haha!

We were able to eat lunch and dinner by the pool with having the bar right next to us, which was so convenient we only had to go up to the room once, and that was to let Xander rest away from the sun for a little bit, and for me to take a nap ?. During the day there were a few games the kids were able to join that the members of the resort put together. It was so cool to see them being able to interact with the other kids there as well.

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If I were to ask the kids what their favorite part of this entire trip was, it would probably be that we were able to head to the pool late Saturday night and saw all the stars. Living a busy life you sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses, It was so beautiful how many stars lit up in the sky and how well the resort is secluded from the busy city to give you that ultimate “relaxing vacation” you so dream of!

Besides the sunburn I got on my nose and the serious food coma we had. We created some fun memories this weekend! You can see us coming here more often, that’s for sure!


Thank you, Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort for hosting our stay! As always, all opinions are my own.