Swimming Buddies and BBQ’s

*Thank you Huggies for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.*
I’m going to miss those summer moments where the whole family gets together for some BBQ and hang poolside while all the cousins cause a ruckus (I can’t even tell you how many times we ask them not to get water on our face, haha). I think these are the moments my kids will learn to love, forever. It’s always at grandma’s house where they seem to have the most fun, and this summer her pool appears to be our favorite accessory!

Finally being able to include Xander in these moments is what seriously makes my mama heart happy. He loves the water and would pretty much sit in a floaty and watch the kids play all day. I think the cutest part is seeing him and his other cousin (Bre’s baby), Eddie, sitting and watching their older cousins together. My sister had her baby three weeks before Xander was born. So watching them grow up super close together in age is the best.

Getting them to bond through water play is so much fun, and I could just stare at them playing in the water all day; it’s seriously THAT cute. Haha. I love seeing how the older kids like to incorporate the babies in fun too. Like when they push them around the pool in their floaties or share their water toys, it’s Xander’s favorite.

I think having a training buddy is what Xander needed to get comfortable with being in the pool. Safe water play is not only fun and good exercise, but it helps with your baby’s development as well! Using Huggies Little Swimmers has allowed Xander and Eddie to play and bond together all summer. Since they are specifically designed for water, they don’t swell, we don’t have to worry about interrupting their water time together.


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August 7, 2017