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pf flyers for kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PF Flyers. All opinions are 100% mine.

I took Ethan to the park the other day, just the two of us. And I couldn’t help but feel all the emotions a mother goes through when she realizes she no longer has a baby, but a kid. Like the type of kid that doesn’t want to hold hands with his mom anymore, or likes to be kissed in public. The kid that will storm off to his room and slam the door because he’s mad. Yes, he’s growing up, And I’m not sure how or when it exactly happened. Haha.

Ethan’s personality always has a way of shining through, and he can very much keep Joe and me on our toes, but what is life without adventure am I right? It’s so fun to see Ethan’s personality peak out with everything he does and the stuff he wears. It was cool when he showed interest in his PF Flyers high tops for his back to school shoes; I honestly think I was more excited about ordering them then he was. Haha. His dad grew up in PF Flyers and to see how happy he was to get them; I know there is no doubt he is on his way to being the next Benny from the original Sandlot movie. ?

It’s really cool to know that PF Flyers were invented in 1933, and are still around to tell their story. Even though every day is a new story for us, all shoes have a background, a story to tell and memories you can keep for a lifetime. And that is why I love writing; I love jotting things down that I know I can look back on and be like “oh my gosh! Why do our kids keep growing up so fast!” You know us moms always ask this same question. haha. I also don’t mind reminiscing about old times now and then, because they are the best memories!

Now that we officially have a six-year-old, we love to give him the opportunity to make some decisions on his own. From choosing what he would like to wear for the day, to what page of homework he would like to do first. With the amount of energy Ethan has in his body and with school starting soon plus wrestling, he needs a shoe that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Finding the right shoes for your kids to grow up in is so important, and we are excited to see how far these PF Flyers will take us.

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