Simplify your pantry- Organization Ideas

*Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond for partnering up with us on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.* 

It has been a long time coming when it comes to cleaning out our pantry. It’s the one area where I can’t seem to catch up, and we tend to hoard foods that we forget about, and they end up going bad. Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with this? haha. We had so many opened bags of chips that are most likely stale by now and a ton of can goods I haven’t touched in months. I guess you can say I purged a little bit, I threw away all the old and donated a huge box full of goods.

Oh, and I found a lot of opened snacks that the kids never finished and just shoved back in the pantry instead of making its way to the trash. haha. I always catch the kids climbing our shelves and helping themselves to snacks throughout the day, which is fine, now that everything is in its place. I guess we will see how long this organized pantry will last…

I’m not sure why I never thought about buying organized bins and containers for my food, but it has been the best two weeks of my kitchens life! 🙂 We were able to find everything we were looking for at our Local Bed Bath & Beyond. They have everything from Homewares to furniture, Fashion beddings, and home decor! I also love that you can find the most unique items located throughout their store.

potato sack for kitchen

I knew I wanted to store my potatoes and other veggies in a sack instead of having them sitting on a shelf, so when I found this potatoes sack, I had to get it. How cute, right?  

organized pantry ideasstorage baskets in pantry

It’s crazy what a few storage bins can do for your home. I bought these white ceramic canisters to store my flour, sugar, oatmeal, and wild rice. They come with these mini wooden spoons and they are just adorable! Also, these wired baskets held a lot more than I anticipated, and I love how sturdy they are. I also decided to purchase these Rectangular Rattique Baskets as well, to give my pantry a little mixture of storage bins, but they actually make my pantry look cleaner by hiding a few canned goods. 

Ok, let’s talk about my bread box! I have been wanting one for so long, and never had the courage to spend my money on one, but when I found this one at Bed Bath & Beyond, I knew it was meant for me. Just look at the simplistic detail on it. It was the best decision ever. 

recycling Bins for pantry

I bought these three 18.4 qt. Recycling Bins to store our extra waterbottles and liquids that may not fit in our fridge. It comes in handy, and are garunteed they wont get lost in the pantry anywhere. 

I also bought these vintage look Retro Treats Galvanized Pet Canister that I am currently storing snacks in. They are easy to open so the kids can grab themselves, and I’m loving the white vintage look to them. 



I guess you can say being obsessed with my pantry is a huge understatement. I find myself going in there just to look. haha. I also don’t mind having my pantry door opened more often. But, Can you blame me? 🙂