Overcome the feeling of being Overwhelmed

Overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed

Sometimes the amount of coffee you intake in a day won’t help you tackle the overwhelming to-do list you may have. Whether it’s laundry, dishes, appointments, or even work. We have all been there where we are just so overwhelmed with life. We try to avoid it. I can’t even tell you how many times I have had so much to do I decided to take a nap instead. It doesn’t help solve the problem. I promise! Take charge of your endless to-do list, today!

Here are a few tips that help me tackle my unmotivated mindset and help me get back on track with everyday life.

Change your mindset.

If You keep telling yourself, you’re overwhelmed, or there are just too many things you need to do, that you’re not sure where to start. This is your first problem. If you change your attitude to “Today is a great day to do laundry!” Instead of “Ugh, there is so much laundry I need to do.” Or “That pile of laundry should only take me 5 minutes to fold and put away if I do it right now.” Instead of “I seriously don’t want to fold that huge pile of laundry, I’ll save it for later.” Once you change your mindset, it will help you tackle your tasks that you feel are impossible to do. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”


Let’s just say you have a list, right? Well, stop looking over that list, and just get each thing done at a time. By not looking at the list and doing one task at a time, you won’t over think all the things you need to do. Make sure you STICK to and finish one task at a time before you head on to the next thing. And don’t put too much on your plate.

FOR EXAMPLE: Write a to-do list for an entire week. And place 3-4 things on your list for each day. Instead of trying to shove 12 tasks in a whole day, Spread them out. You will feel less overwhelmed. It’s ok, to not get everything done in one day. You need to start somewhere, am I right? Don’t have a list? MAKE ONE! Start by writing the most important thing down first and just go from there.


Have a reasonable Expectation. There is just no way you can get through your entire house and organize it from top to bottom in one day. Expect a slow but steady race. You will be much happier, and less stress with a reasonable expectation of your duties. Don’t add too much you can’t handle.


Take a break. Sometimes this is all we need. The majority of my day if I’m not with all my children, I’m with one of them. ALL. THE. TIME. They don’t go to grandmas, and I don’t have a sitter, and regardless of Dad’s home, They come to me for help (Sounds about right?). If I’m feeling overwhelmed I tend to take a break or A breather and Even if it’s just locking myself in the bathroom for 30 minutes to sit in the bath Or running to the grocery store alone, We all need a break. Don’t feel bad for it. Take care of yourself before you take care of others.


ASK FOR HELP! I can’t stress this one enough. Right after Xander was born, I couldn’t keep up with my everyday chores and tasks. I remember the first month feeling like such a horrible mom/wife because the kitchen was always dirty and my kids rarely changed out of their Pajamas. I was so overwhelmed; I remember calling my mom crying asking for her to help me get my house back in order. She came over, and I was able to shower for more than 10 minutes. I was able to mop my floors and do a load of laundry. She came by for 2 hours, and when she left, I felt like I was in control again. Realizing it’s ok to let go of control and ask for help is the best thing to do.


Stick to a routine and set boundaries. It’s pretty easy to get off task when you just feel like there is no hope. Create a routine and stick with it. I made a Morning routine, and most mornings I stick with it, and just that routine alone helps me keep my day in order. Also, a huge weakness for me is Netflix. You know how many times I would rather skip folding laundry(check out my laundry routine) or other household chores to binge watch Netflix? It’s like an every other day struggle for me. You Should always try to set boundaries. If you feel like watching a movie, fold clothes or work while doing it. Just make sure you know where your time needs to be, and don’t overdo the binge watching or whatever your case may be! Uhm, I’m soooo guilty of this!

A lot of this is easier said than done, and we will all have our days. But, You need to find your “WHY” and stick with it. What does that even mean? Let’s just say you’re working a corporate job and you come home everyday stressed out with the amount of work you do? Or you are a stay at home mom, or you own your own business. Why do you do it? Why are you doing the things you do that overwhelm you? Is it because you need to make income for your family? Or because you want to raise your children?

I wake up every morning, and I’m motivated to make today a better day. Why? Because I want my children to grow up and be thankful for the type of mother I am. I want my husband to come home to home cooked meals every night, and I want my home to be the safest place for my kids. Being a homemaker isn’t easy, and sure I had to set aside some other dreams I have had. But my family is the most important to me, and they are my WHY.

I hope this helped you, and you will take into consideration all these tools to help you the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you know someone who might be in need of these tips, please feel free to share this article with them!


Happy Wednesday, Friends! xo

June 30, 2017