Diaper Bag Essentials + A Free Printable

a simple diaper bag checklist for simple moms

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baby basic diaper bag essentials

You would think it would be pretty obvious what to put in your child’s diaper bag, am I right? Even after three kids, there are days where I completely forget something at home, or I forget to restock the diapers, and we run out of them while we are out and about. Ah, yes! It really happens. To the new moms, the experienced moms, and to those that take everyday blindfolded(me), we are all different in our own ways, and that’s what makes motherhood so beautiful. I also love to see a mothers bond with their baby, their different parenting styles and It’s always so fun to see what other moms have in their diaper bags.
I thought I would finally share with you everything I put in my diaper bag for a quick trip, or even for an overnight stay. These things ALWAYS stay in my bag for good. The majority of the items placed in here are for Xander, and you realize There are so many things that A baby needs: Pacifiers, bottles, blankets, diapers, wipes, lotion, onesies, bibs, socks. This is where Carters plays a huge role, from their Little Baby Basics, Easy Outfits Sets, Little Collections and to their sleepwear for baby’s first year, we are ALWAYS stocked with the more cozier clothes for little X!

I always told myself I would let my third child be as comfortable as they could, meaning I would minimize his stylish wardrobe and dress him in onesies and comfy baby sweats. I chose to do this for a few reasons, one was to save money, and two was because I wanted to prevent any stressful moments out in public with three children. I do believe babies clothes play a huge factor in the sense of comfortableness they may feel. So keeping Xander happy and comfy is my #1 goal!

Here is what’s inside of my diaper bag, including a printable list for you if you find my diaper bag essentials interesting enough to fit your lifestyle! (You can purchase my diaper bag, here). 

BASIC WHITE BODYSUIT- I have said this over and over, I don’t think there is such thing as too many onesies. Xander has a huge drawer full of Carters Little Baby Basics Bodysuit, and right now my favorite are these sleeveless ones.

SLEEPWEAR- I always have a pajama set in handy in case we decide to stay somewhere later than we expected, or if we choose to see a movie, which happens almost every weekend, I change him into something warmer to keep him cozier. How cute are these sleepers from the Little Baby Basics Collection?

SOCKS- once your baby starts becoming more active, socks come in handy for the dirty floors your child will step on. Or during the cold winter, keeping baby toes warm is keen. We found this well fitting socks in the Carters baby must have section.

BLANKETS- we always keep a receiving blanket or thick blanket (during the winter months) on hand. It seems Xander sleep easier with a blanket close to his face. It must be a comfort thing.

DIAPERS- I’m not very picky with what brand I use, I switch from Swaddlers to Huggies, but I always carry 5 or more diapers in there. I also always have a washable diaper changing pad that came with my diaper bag.

WIPES- you can use wipes on everything! Dirty hands, diaper changes, messy faces, or whatever needs a quick little cleanup! Seriously. I think we go through a pack of wipes in less than a week!

DIAPER RASH CREAM- we only use Mustela products, so our diaper bag is stocked with their Diaper Cream in case of emergencies

NOSE FREIDA/NOSE SYRINGE- it seems as Xander has had a runny nose since March. He always needs his nose unplugged, so this nose Frieda is used daily.

NURSING COVER- Nursing Xander in public is still something I’m getting used too since I don’t do it often. Thankful for my nursing cover to make the transition a whole lot easier.

EXTRA PACIS- my son is so attached to his pacifier. I’m always so afraid that one day we will be out and I will lose it. These pacifiers are only found online, so I have to make sure to ALWAYS keep a back up with me just in case. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if we were to lose his pacifier.

HAND SANITIZER- you know, for the sake of not catching every disease you could catch in public.

LOTION- obsessed with the smell of Xander’s lotion from Mustela, but more obsessed with how a baby feels after being applied.

PLASTIC BAG- always carry a bag for moist or dirty clothes. Accidents happened, and you don’t want a messy diaper bag.

Last but NOT least, a rattle or toy- Xander is a busy boy! Which means if he doesn’t have something to keep him entertained he will start grabbing everything else around him. HE can play with his little rattler for hours.

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If you Feel like downloading a checklist for this exact diaper bag essential list, click here