Why eating as a family is so important

Benefits of Eating meals as a family

unplug and eat meals as a family * Thank you Lucky Charms and General Mills for partnering up with us on this post.*


When you set goals for your family, where do you start? Long term, short term? Do you set goals for each person in your family? I know when I dream about the type of family I want to raise, the kind of things I want to do with my children when they get older, and the examples I want to set. I dream big. Family values are the most important part of living, and you want to set the bar high for your kids. I say this because I know that depending on how your children are raised at home, will determine what type of person they will grow up to be.


Last year, I had a hard time connecting with my family. It wasn’t that I was disconnected from them. But, I felt far from them, even though we were all under the same roof. If that makes sense? Ethan and Millie would usually eat breakfast in the kitchen, Joe on the couch, and me in the dining room. Omg, that sounds horrible. But, it was a reality we were ok with because we seemed to be so busy catching up on shows or being on our phone or whatever the case was at the time. I hated living that way, but it was a habit we weren’t willing to break.

 Once I became a full-time stay at home mom, I decided that enough was enough and we needed to sacrifice our tv time, our phone usage and sit down, unplug, and eat our meals together.

 Still a year later and this rule applies in our house every single day. I think eating breakfast together is the most important thing to do as a family to keep us close and connected. We enjoy eating our meals together and starting fun conversations every day! But, you can ask me again when my kids are a little older. Seasons change, and life gets busy. But, at this moment, I’m enjoying silly jokes and my family.

 Unplugging and eating breakfast together as a family can have many benefits, and my favorite is just sitting down and conversating. Our days are full of work, school, and cleaning and we rarely get the chance to sit down and talk. It has helped my kids get along better, and I feel better about myself too. Because setting a foundation for my family is the most important thing to do.

 For us, our meals aren’t over the top. As a matter of fact, most mornings we grab ourselves a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. And that is just fine with us! Every meal is planned, and some days I feel like a chef, and other days the kids are lucky I had enough energy to pour them a bowl of cereal. Try not to beat yourself up in thinking “you are not doing enough.” You are doing enough, and no matter what you eat, your family will appreciate your effort.


 How many of you eat meals with your family together?