Date night ideas that encourage communication

date night ideas

Oh good! It’s date night! Or, maybe you’re just here because you want to plan a date night soon! Trust me, Me too! I’m pretty much over the whole dinner and a movie type of date nights. Those happened so weekly, and quite frankly I’m just not in the mood to stuff my face in popcorn and not talk for a while 2 hours! HA! Just kidding! But seriously, it’s nice to have a decent conversation with my hubby every once in a while. I thought I would write out a few fun date night ideas that will help you reconnect with your spouse AKA encourage communication.

Are you looking for something new to do? All these date night ideas are cheap OR free and involve in conversation because that is the KEY to a healthy marriage.

Cook dinner at home-
My husband loves to make dinner on the weekends, and it’s always fun to turn off the phones and interact in the kitchen. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, and conversation within the comfort of your home.

Go on a walk around a lake or park-
When my husband and I first started dating (before we had kids), we would walk around our local lake. Those are the summer nights where I fell in love with him because I got to learn about him and his dreams. Something about a clear summer evening, with nothing but crickets in the background, will help you open up to your spouse a whole lot better.

Tailgate on a mountain-
My husband and I like to grab a pizza and drive up to the highest mountain on the outskirts of Phoenix. The view of all the city lights, the quietness that surrounds us, oh and the food too! Perfect date night.

Take a mini road trip-

Plan a road trip out of town for the day with your spouse. Make sure to leave the music, the work, or whatever might keep you occupied, behind. Focus on starting up great conversations. The possibilities are endless.


No seriously, have you done it? It’s so much fun! And all it involves is a park (or the back of a truck) and a blanket!

Look at model homes-

This sounds so silly. But it’s fun! Spend a Saturday looking at model homes and day dreaming about your future!

Go on a hike-

I wish I were a bit more active. The idea sounds so fun to spend the day trying to climb a mountain. Last time we tried hiking, I lasted about 5 minutes before I started having a hard time breathing. As much as I love nature, it seems I’m not ready quite yet!

Game night-

Oh boy! My husband and I are both so competitive! But we do love playing board games and even card games! The majority of them are kid games, but we still have a blast! Try puzzles, too!

Bonfire in your backyard-

Nothing better than a nice backyard fire with delicious smores and good company.

Grab dessert and coffee at your local coffee shop-

Date nights are so important, Make sure you make time for each other and talk about things that matter. If you need a conversation starter, there is this cool kit that you can purchase that will help you come up with ideas. Get that, here.