46 Things to do in the summer: Kid Edition

So, it’s the summer, and you’re clueless on how to keep your kids occupied for an entire summer. This is my first summer with a child staying home from school. So, it’s exciting to have him home. But, It’s like I almost forgot what to do with them to keep them busy? It’s only been nine months, so you’d think I should be used to keeping them occupied. In all honesty, I don’t have a clue to keep the kids busy because living in AZ the weather is almost unbearable to even step outside during summer. Not to mention We only have one car! So, I made a list of things to do INSIDE AND OUTSIDE with your kids during the summer. Do you have any plans? Going out of town? Joe and I are thinking of heading to California, but we still are pretty much just winging it.


1. Color– Get a box of crayons, and a coloring book OR paper and see how creative your kids can be.
2. Board Games
3. Build A Fort– How fun is it to grab all the sheets and blankets and build a fort in your living room? It’s also super fun to make snacks and watch movies in your fort, too! Get creative! If you don’t want to make a mess and take out your sheets and blankets, check out AirFort! It’s a company that made new kids fort that inflates with an ordinary household fan in less than 30 seconds! This concept is so cool. We have one and find it a lot roomier than the standard fort.
4. Take A Walk
5. Play With Boxes– We shop a lot on Amazon, and I mean A LOT. So, we normally let the kids draw on the boxes, and my husband or I will cut out windows and such so they can pretend their box is a car or house, or whatever their minds take them.
6. Bowling With Plastic Cups
7. Make Dough With Flour
8. Car Wash with the kid’s bikes/toys– Always a fun way, and helps keep their toys C L E A N.
9. Camp out in the backyard– This is more for my husband and the kids, but I’m sure it would be so fun if you have a tent!
10. Puzzles
11. Do Science Projects– There is plenty of science projects you can do from home. Google or look on Pinterest for ideas.
12. Plant Flowers
13. Paint Outside– Or inside
14. Play with chalk
15. Fly A Kite
16. Have kids Help wash your car
17. Go on a picnic
18. Take your camera on a hike– Have your kids take pictures of trees and animals. It’s always fun to see life through their lens 😉
19. Make a bird feeder out of old milk cartons
20. Create a “Pool” in your master bathtub with toys and bubbles
21. Do Arts and Crafts
22. Make a mud bath in a plastic pool– Have your kids play with their trucks and then afterward have them give their toys a wash with clean water.
23. Water Balloon Fights
24. Create a road for your kid’s cars– Get tape, and find a spot in your house to make a mini road for them to drive their cars through.
25. Find kid friendly recipes to cook or bake in the kitchen.
26. Read Books
27. Paint a flower pot
28. Plant flowers
29. Make root beer floats
30. Visit a butterfly exhibit– or try to head to a park and find butterflies
31. Make a game out of yard work– EX: Give the kids a bucket. Tell them whoever can find the most trash wins!
32, Bob for apples
33. Visit the Petting Zoo
34. Pick Berries from a field
35. play hide in seek in the dark with glow sticks
36. make pies
37. make a sand water table
38. do an in home scavenger hunt
39. Add glow sticks to an empty water bottle and play night time bowling!
40. Make paper airplanes and see who’s can fly the longest!
41. Play tick tack toe with paper plates
42. create a DIY Slip n slide
43. turn on the sprinklers
44. go on a scavenger hunt for trash
45. Give your kids “wet” shoes and have them dance around the kitchen. – Wet their socks with soap and water and have them clean your floors while dancing
46. Get an item and hide it in the room for your children to find!


How fun do these all sound? Not to mention They are cheap or free to do! Do you have any fun creative things you want to add to this list? Please leave a comment below!