Let’s bring awareness to Fatherhood!

dad subscription box

*Thank you to The Rad Dad Box for sponsoring this post! As always,  All opinions are my own.*

subscription box for dadsI’m pretty sure by now you have heard of subscription boxes that get mailed out once a month for moms, or even kids. Subscription boxes are filled with things to pamper the everyday mom with, cute coffee mugs, lotions, and all the fun stuff! I have even seen some subscription boxes for your little one that has books, toys, and shirts. The possibilities are seriously endless! But, Have you ever heard of a subscription box for your husband? Or dad to be?

When it comes to Fatherhood, It plays a huge role in our household. I depend on my husband for a lot of things. Like teaching the kids to ride a bike, showing them to play sports, disciplining, and raising Ethan to be a gentleman. And with that, I find it so important to show that he is needed and appreciated in our lives. When I came across The Rad Dad Box, it made my heart happy. Knowing that it’s time to put fatherhood on a pedestal and show our appreciation for all the good Dad’s, nervous soon-to-be dads, and the dad’s who do it all on their own, out there.

I remember one day walking in on Joe brushing Millie’s hair, and him repeating to her “You’re so pretty.” This made me almost want to cry. Knowing Millie will grow up knowing her worth and setting her standards high because her daddy showed it to her. These types of moments show me that my husband plays a huge role in my children’s life, and they’re so lucky to have him!

The Concept of this subscription box is to show that dads are appreciated, and that is just so cool! I rarely see any product companies focus on Fatherhood, and I think bringing awareness to all the rad dads out there is just so awesome.

The Rad Dad Box has a few different options to choose from when picking a particular box. They have the Father’s Day box, The New dad box, The Newborn starter box, The hipster dad, and a few more other options. You can start shopping, here! This is the perfect gift just in time for Father’s day! Hurry and order yours today!