Tips: How to take good pictures of your baby for Instagram

Tips on how to take good pictures of your baby

“This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

tips on taking photos of your baby

Taking photos is so important if you’re a first time more or even a 3rd-time mom like me, you will appreciate being able to look back on these moments and be grateful that you were able to catch such a beautiful moment. The days are long but the years are short.

I’m very thankful that I can cherish the moments with my little Xander! Being pregnant for the third time, I was so scared to see how my kids would adjust to having a baby around after being in a routine for so long. I was amazed at the amount of love my children gave their little brother. I try to include them in everything I do with him. Whether it’s taking photos of him, bathing him, or even buying him new clothes. They love being involved.

I as well, love to be involved in my children’s everyday life. I try hard to be present in everything that they do and every milestone they meet. But, the amount of work and time I need to attend to each of my children has been harder to manage than I thought. Because being a mom to two older children that need attention just as much as their new baby brother is a lot of work. Work I’m willing to take on, but the days fly by, and I feel like although I’m present, my mind is always going 1000 miles per hour.

Simplifying my mom life has helped me tremendously, with the kid’s toys, to our activities, we love a slow paced day, and It’s made me feel like A better mom! With all the chaos comes the “mom brain.” And by Mom brain, I mean I forget stuff constantly. This is why I love to capture moments as they happened, so I can look back and remember all the joys of motherhood, from their first smiles to their first steps. A good photo becomes a good memory, and that is just so important to me.

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love taking photos of my children. More so Xander these days since the two older ones can never sit still for a picture unless I bribe them with candy or something. But, who doesn’t love a good photo of a sleeping baby anyways? I’m obsessed with baby cheeks, thighs, and just about everything Xander has to bring to the table. Ok ok, I’m a little bias. But I can’t help it! Just look at him. 😉

I have been getting asked recently how I take good pictures of Xander for Instagram. Whether he’s awake or asleep, it takes a lot of time and patience, too! But here are a few tips to help mamas capture the sweet moments, that honestly go by too fast that it’s almost unsafe to blink.

TIP #1

Make sure your baby is in a good mood. Feed or change them before you plan on taking photos of them. It’s always better to have a happy baby that will “go with the flow” than a cranky baby that won’t stop moving for photos (trust me, it’s not fun!) 

TIP #2

Always try to schedule your shoots during a convenient time AKA nap time! I love taking pictures of Xander, and luckily he is a heavy sleeper, so I can move him around and adjust him according to poses I want to try. Although, the majority of the time I love capturing his cute little smile, so we try taking photos after nap time- when he is happiest!

TIP #3

Get everything ready beforehand- outfit, props, whatever the case may be! Before you bring your baby into anything, make sure you have everything, and you are ready to go! The simpler the photo, the more it will stand out. (For example- you want to take a picture of your child, but the background is messy. Your viewers will be distracted by the mess in the background even to notice the cute little babe in the photo.) I love to keep Xander’s wardrobe simple. Like the majority of his clothes are onesies and sweatpants, and our new favorite is Carters little baby basics collection that you can find, here.

TIP #4

Put your phone or camera on “continuous shooting” this setting is a life saver! Especially when you are trying to get a cute non-blurry photo of your little one. The continuous setting will help you take a bunch of pictures, And you can choose which one you like best. Yes, it’s okay to have about 100 of the same pose. You should see my camera roll. It looks like this:

instagram photo tips

TIP #5

Bring something or someone to help keep them distracted! It’s so hard to get Xander to stare at the camera! So I always have a squeaky toy in tow just in case I’m trying to grab his attention. Or if my kids aren’t busy making a mess, I ask them to come and dance in the background or something silly!

TIP #6

Always keep it fun. There will be times or days where your child just isn’t feeling it and won’t stay still or won’t stop crying. Don’t get frustrated. Pictures can wait! There is always time for photos.  if you started getting frustrated with the way your photos are coming along, or the way your baby is cooperating, that’s ok! Just make due with what they give you. It often leads to the best moments and captured photos anyways! 

Here are a few pointers for a better quality iPhone photo:

  • Always have good lighting! Open your blinds and shoot during the daytime!
  • Make sure your phone is always focused on the object you’re trying to capture- by doing this, all you need to do is tap on the screen when you’re ready to take the photo.
  • Shoot at a lower angle- it’s always easy to shoot looking down. Show your family and friends a different view.
  • Make sure the subject of the photo is always placed in the center or side center of each photo, so it stands out
  • Keep everything simple. If it’s a photo of your children- make sure the background is clean, so your child stands out VS the mess in the background.

I hope you can find these tips useful and  I would love to see some photos! Make sure to tag me in them on Instagram! My IG handle is @mywifestyles!