Remove bathtub stains with this ONE thing!

how to remove stubborn stains from bathtub

I’m not much of a bath-taker, as a matter of fact, I don’t ever use our master bath unless it’s to shave my legs or my kids decide to use it to go “swimming.” Well, either way, it’s still something I need to clean on a regular basis because somehow my kids manage to leave their tiny footprints with their dirty feet. So Gross!

After trying just about all the cleaning products on the shelf I seriously gave up on trying to get rid of those stains on my white ceramic tub! It was so useless with all the scrubbing I did. No products, no brushes, NOTHING worked. So I decided to try the Magic Cleaner Eraser, you know that one you use to wipe down those dirty walls. Yes, that one! It seriously worked! Like, so good! It came off within one try of using it. I repeat, THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED. The Magic Erasers are just everything I was looking for when it came to having a spanking clean white bath tub. OK ok, I’ll stop talking about it, and just show you already.

How to remove stains from bath tub

How amazing are these results? Am I the only one who didn’t know about this? I promise you, this one trick is a keeper, and I use this method every time I clean my tubs. So all you need is just one wet Magic Eraser, and some energy to scrub scrub scrub. It takes me 5 minutes MAX, and my tub is brand new again! Who would’ve thought? I also use the generic brands from the store, which only cost a few bucks. Win-win for everyone, am I right?

Use Magic Erasers to clean bathtub